Sunday, February 2, 2014

Keeping Tidy :-)

I'm calling this post 'Keeping Tidy'...have you ever been a passenger in someones car that is just,  well, not tidy. I know with long commutes & having to live in your car for hours it can create just that.
I had saved a blog that had a really 'neat' idea in it & this weekend I made it.
Here's the solution to having a 'neater car'.
 This is a trash bag that hangs over the gearshift, with a handle that's shown at the top.
 The fabric is leftovers from the black/white quilt I mad a few weeks back.
 The bottom, on the inside, was lined with an empty, mint chocolate chip, ice cream container. How appropriate as this one was made with Nick in mind, for his daily Durham College commutes.
 As you can see the strap is as long as the bag...
 Once the strap is placed over the gearshift, the bag hangs on the passenger side but is still easy to reach.
 Bill took these shots for me whilst the car was warming up.
 I thanked him for taking the pics of 'Nicholas' bag...'Who's bag?' he replied
 Yes I know I'll be making another black/white bag for his car too! lol The family will be neat & tidy for sure!
If you too would like to make a Trash Bag for your car, here's the link below. Enjoy! :-)

Last week whilst out with Bev & Lynn, I saw this pattern/kit & boy did it ever talk to me!
It's a vest sewn with a thick stable flannel & is oh so warm. It has been a cold winter & the spring both here & at Canada's water edge out east  ( I watched a program this weekend called  'Canada: Over the Edge' it was a documentary on Eastern Shore, New Brunswick Series, I'm enjoying, knowing more about my cottage area) So I know I'll get mileage out of this sewing project!

 Here'e my vest & oh so cozy! There's just something warm & cozy about wearing flannel, during the day, that just isn't your pajamas. lol

This will look familiar to some of you Miramichi Rug Hookers, remember the black sweater I wore, that's a circle with armholes? Well, yes this pattern is very much like that!

I'm off to sew flannel pajama bottoms for Mitchell, he's flying in this Tuesday to write his elevator bi-yearly elevator exam & will needing new PJ's. I bought him some Real Tree fabric (camouflage pattern)  too, I'll post all I make with that fabric many ideas! lol

Have a great week!


  1. I love the tidy bag idea. I have pockets on my van doors and I place my trash in there until I get home. It's OK for used tissues and wrappers as I don't travel much anymore.

    The 5-Way wrap looks warm.
    You are always so busy sewing. I was at Fabricville in Fredericton today and they have a big sale on and I thought of you and all the sewing you do.

    I get overwhelmed every time I go into Fabricville. There' so much fabric and I think of all the work it would be to sew.

    Have a good week.

  2. Good idea for keeping the car neat while having a great travel. Your hand made bag looks very good :)

  3. I kept the link for the car bag... I need that
    Alphonese is in the hospital.. I hope all goes well for this old hooker