Sunday, February 9, 2014

Concert & Concern

 Yes I was lucky enough to get four tickets to the Jason Aldean 2014 Night Train Concert. It was a sold out show at the Budweiser Gardens here in London & very full house with over 9,000 people in attendance.  
 Tyler Farr opened, he's known for his new hit 'Redneck Crazy' & WOW I couldn't get into my purse fast enough to retrieve a pair of ear plugs that Bill had given me from his China flights. I keep ear plugs to put in my ears on windy days or I get an ear ache...well with too much bass, treble & whatever else was off with his sound check, I think I would have had a headache too!
After one hour of his band, the next band was set up & playing in no time.

 That would be Florida Georgia Line, they're getting quite noticed in the Country & Western world. I kept my ear plugs in for them too, with all those young ones having such a good time screaming. It was there time to party & let lose, just watching them made my smile. Young cowgirls all dressed in there summer dresses & bare legs with cowboy boots. The mom in me was thinking it's below zero out there, they should have their leggings or tights on in this weather! lol

 Florida Georgia Line is two male singers, not hard on the eyes to watch but they didn't look very country, maybe it's the Florida or the Georgia in them. lol
They sang & entertained the screaming crowd for an hour too.
The it was the headliners turn to take the stage.

That would be Jason Aldean & finally a good sound check & I could now take my ear plugs out & be entertained.

 He had the crowd light their phones up, quite impressive as I looked around.

 Everyone was singing & holding their phones, I was busy on my camera. lol
I was glad that there were two jumbo trons to view the concert. I had a very tall fellow next to me, we were located on the side of the stage, seating was in the higher middle.

Me & Vickey, I worn my Olympic apparel & Vickie had just come to the concert from skeet shooting.

I had gone with Mitchell, Vickie, & Nick. This was one of Mitchell's birthday presents, he's wearing the other.

I had seen what he wrote on his Facebook or the lack there of, he had published of going to the concert with Nick & mention of me, his mom, the one that organized, paid, & made it all possible for him. :-( It's not the money, it's the thought that he never thought to mention me or give me any credit, where credit was due) :_(

I'm going to back it up six months ago when Bill & I paid all the expenses to have all five of Donald's family come to the east coast for the first time...all through their Facebook pages nothing was mentioned about how his parents made it possible either. And in both incidence,  my heart sinks to feel I'm so invisible to my sons. Again it's not the money but the thought of giving credit where credit is due. :_(  To know you're appreciated.  When I expressed how hurt I felt to a friend, I was told that I was not mentioned because I'm not on Facebook. Well after ten years of not being on Facebook,  I'm not going to start it now ...Wisdom to know the difference. Is one invisible in Facebook life, if not register to Facebook?

It has just raised some concern to me after this concert, that in a period of six months, both my sons have done this to me on Facebook. It's NOT the money! It's being acknowledged, two words even, 'thanks mom/dad',  I hope that I have not spoiled them...spoiled means to go bad, by paying their way & being generous to a fault. It certainly has changed my way of thinking in the future.

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  1. Oh Cynthia, I can feel the hurt in your post.
    Do you know that you look as young as your son? Your boys are men with beards and it may be not so cool to mention that their mom is accompanying them to the concert with their date. Maybe your son was embarrassed to mention that his mom was there but he should have at least acknowledged that you bought the tickets as a gift.

    I was on Facebook and I deactivated my account. I got tired of all the public stuff that were said on there and it was not for me not to mention that people are using it to try to sell their crafts and want you to like their stuff on Facebook.

    I much prefer Blogging.