Monday, February 17, 2014

February Family Day Fun!

Happy Family Day to everyone!

We had a fun day today with a board game that Nick came home with yesterday.
World of Warcraft is not familiar to me but Monopoly is...

 I cannot remember the last time I played Monopoly, it was a weekend game as a child & it went on all weekend too!
 This was rather exciting to see into the Warcraft World.
 These were the figures to move, I was the organic looking stone. Nick & Bill both knew the names to them all! And they both were amazed that from the Treasure Chest cards, I had defeated Illidan & Lich King & was awarded with money...didn't know who they were but was happy to get the money! lol
 As you can see it was a laid back day, we stayed in our comfy clothes till after lunch.

 The money was very colourful too! Bill started off strong but Nicholas cleaned hour after our two hour game.

 Family style lunch too! Spaghetti & meatballs, mine with rice pasta, the guys with fresh pasta from the store.
 Bon Appetite! Whilst I made lunch the guys finished the laying of the hardwood floor in the guest room. They had worked up quite the appetite. lol

And Boris was nestled all snug in his bed, while visions of meatballs danced in his head! lol

He's really trying to hibernate till spring, this winter is really dragging on...snore on Boris, this too will pass. He's going to be nine this July & every winter he waits to be able to run free of snow & on green lawns again! Mustn't wish our life away but I can't wait till sunny warmer days are with us again. :-)

It was good to see spring flowers in the grocery store but I couldn't believe that Easter has already hit the stores! Easter Sunday is not till April 20th this year, a wee bit early to have all that chocolate out on display.
Anyway I hope you had a wonderful Family Day with your family!

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  1. Your're a good sport to plat Monopoly Warcraft. I've played Monopoly years ago. It's good to just sit and have some down time with family.

    I love Spaghetti and meatball. It's good especially with garlic bread.
    That Boris has an easy life. No worries...

    I'm counting the days to Spring. It's can't be that far off but we are getting a third snow storm in a week coming our way from Ontario.

    Stay warm.