Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Myer's United Church Day Camp

 Myer`s United Church is over 100 years old and has a quaint & welcoming feel that is felt, by all that enter. It`s located on the corner on Hardwicke Road, in Hardwicke, NB, if your ever in the area...The breathtaking view exiting the front door.
 Side view from Harwicke Road.

 Myer`s United Church interior
 Paint table set up for the days activities
Jean`s creative handy work of stained glass windows! 

This years day camp theme was - God`s Creation...what fun everyone had with Jean`s program for the children. The day was from 9am - 3pm, with songs, stories, & activities. With Jean & her 5 helpers & 11 children, the day began with Jean reading from her Storybook  Bible.They were told how they were the child of God & part of his creation. Jean added that life was about choices, so many choice of right & wrong, good & bad.  The eldest of the eleven children was 9 & the youngest 3. 

Here are the hand prints made from salt, flour, & water.

The story continued on how God made the earth
Here are the sand stones painted with order, green for the grass, brown for the sand or soil, blue for the water, then brown for the other side of the shore, lastly was a light blue for the sky.
 Then Jean read more about the creation of earth and the children added sun, clouds, birds, flowers, bushes, & more...
 God also created them! so their little hand prints were made - here`s the recipe for those interested!
quarter cup of salt - half cup flour, quarter cup of water - mixing very well & shape into a ball adding more water or flour if needed, then smash down to the size of hand on a cookie sheet & bake at 200 degrees for 3 hours! Cool & paint...

 Painted hands - from God`s little creations, a memorable keepsake.
And that was the Arts & Crafts side to the day...but wait there`s more...

The fun continued with outdoor activities after their lunch of pizza & hot dogs.

Cam Digging!  the participate must grab the marbles with their toes & place it outside the tub in a set time frame...the winner, in total  - grabbed over 70!
 Activities were going on & I missed the 3 Legged Race, sorry no photos. :-(
Lawn Bowling

 Jean instructing the Lawn Bowlers.
 Morning snack time of cookies & oranges, whilst they listened & watched for God`s creation around them.
What a beautiful day in the maritime`s today.
Ice cream for all!!
The end of the day, look at those happy faces. The children left with smiles & energy...we left for a cup of afternoon tea! :-)

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