Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Blueberry Social in Losier Settlement

Ursula & I.

 Today I attended my first Blueberry Social which was hosted by Ursula Hopkins at her home in Loiser Settlement.
 The tables were beautifully done with a blueberry theme, the 'Blueberry Ladies' accented many things.
Five tables were awaiting us...
The cutlery was stunning,
Each table had its own tea pot, it was so civilized. Ursula's creativity was everywhere & all of us ladies were caught up in the awe of her imagination with each setting.
The luncheon was scrumptious,  the dessert divine. I had seconds of the blueberry trifle, YUM!
 Blueberry cheese cake with blueberry sauce
The Blueberry Lady, blueberry muffins

 The day was fantastic, weather wise & the company wonderful! We sat & had a chat & introduced ourselves. Not everyone knew each other, however we all were acquainted by the end of the afternoon.

Jean & Cheryl

Is Jean enjoying herself or what?!

Elegant  Fansinators were worn by many...

Hats were all adorned 

So many colours & styles...

 George, Ursula's husband, with his family, felt left out with no hat...
 No can wear mine! Smile!!

 This hat is Paula's invention, the ribbon was a tape measure, fruit, floral & a bird in a nest!
 This fasinator had a pincushion theme, she wore it well!
 This is the photo of all of us, George didn't use the zoom. He took so many pictures it felt like a wedding day, stay-smile, stay-smile, at least a dozen times! Thank you George for being such a good sport with so many of us & our cameras.
 Fresh Fushia, so vibrant & her whole outfit coordinated, even her sunglasses - stunning!

Natures Plentiful Harvest...
 Colourful hats on her Cowgirl Hat!
 Fruit & Flowers, natures bounty!
 My Fair Lady, so beautiful!
 The blueberry theme adorned with matching blueberry ribbon too!
 Purchased in Ireland, gorgeous colour & texture.
 A Colourful lively delight!

 A hat designer, well coordinated to her outfit.
Even hats purchased in Africa were dressed for this event---
 Hats were worn by all---

 Conversations buzzed the air...
 Laughter was everywhere!
 Company shared!
 Everyone enjoyed!
 The food was delicious!

Linda's elegant rose on her fashionable black hat.

 Birdseye view of the tables during our luncheon.
 Jean loves the sun...I love the shade. We both had a great time!

 Jean & I...would you smile!
 Thanks for the smile & afternoon of fun Jean!
Ursula presenting the Viewers Choice prize.

Congratulations to Irene! She was Viewers Choice for the favourite hat!

Paula placed second in Viewers Choice. Congratulations Paula!

 Ursula's pet squirrel, he's so cute!
 Not a blueberry in sight for this guy...

He's enjoying sunflower seeds & the attention of dozens of women staring at him!

Ursula you really out did yourself with this event. Thank you so much for the wonderfully thought-out memorable day! Everyone had such a great time, the smiles, the laughter, & creativity were shared by those in attendance. A big thank you, to you & your husband George, for making this happen!

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  1. What a fun event for the ladies. I love all the hats. I hope that there will be a repeat next year. I'm sure that the ladies had a real fun time creating their fun hats. You look pretty cool in your cowgirl hat.

    The food and table settings looks so inviting.
    Thanks for sharing the Blueberry Social with us.

    Have a great weekend. JB