Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cottage Livingroom

 The livingroom had a wall to wall piece, which now holds the TV & many other storage things in the drawers & cupboards. There was a hutch piece which fell apart during the journey here & I have to agree with Bill that it would be much too top heavy a unit if it was repaired & put up. New curtains to the cottage are from years ago - a sale at Fabricland & the crewel embroidery add texture & movement to the wall it covers. Bill has the tiebacks that he'll bring next month when he flies in. I left the shutters underneath & will have Bill spray paint them in the antique white so everything stays airy & bright.
The cottage living had a few new pieces added - which added form & function! not to mention the comfort I get in the wingback.
The pump problems are coming to an end. A new tank has been installed & soon new pipes will replace 'the octopus" downstairs...a place we will not go! I saw my son's video of the basement, it's the setting for horror shows. It's has a dirt floor...

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