Saturday, July 21, 2012

Squirrel Gets A House Cleaning

This was the day to 'house clean' Squirrels cage. First the bricks had to be removed from the front to get to his door. With the door open & another small cage for him to run into(with the coaching of nuts) his cage was clear for the big cleaning.... 

 This is a view of his quilt batting & selvages house, years of packing this house, the little hoarder!

 Many thanks to those fellow quilters that saved these scraps for Squirrel over the years. And a big thank you to Liz who also collects walnuts for his long cold winter. :-)

 He doesn't seem too stressed in his little cage with new batting a afresh batch of nuts.
 Bill pulling the old batting out...

Bill & Nick together pulling more of the batting out...and the bees nest that they both ran from, oh my!!
They got the bees settled down with Off repellent & continued on the purging of this cage. 
 The bottom of his cage was five inches thick with nuts, they were shoveled & dust panned out. 
 WOW for such a wee rodent he had three & 1/2 bags of garbage, yes pure heavy garbage. The worst is now over in the cleaning for Nick & Bill. I swept the garbage up & then entertained Squirrel as I braided him a new rope to swing from.
 His empty house, this may be the last time I see it this bare... till the next time it's cleaned!

 Here's his cage all done & new batting added inside, He can now rearrange to his liking. He also had a healthy dusting of Fossil Shell Flour (Diatomaceous Earth) added around his cage for disinfecting against  parasites.

 He looks lovely for being a 7 year old squirrel. He's probably the eldest in our neigbourhood. The foxes have kept the population down the past couple of years.
 His house is already showing signs of batting rearranging. He should sleep well tonight in his fresh bedding.

I know Boris will... the whole house cleaning ordeal wore him flat out. Sweet dreams Boris Loree. Night Night.


  1. Wow, imagine that, hoarding all that batting. He must have been worried about having his dwelling raided but I I'm sure he'll get over it. With all the nuts he has , he's got nothing to worry about. JB

  2. The picture of squirrel was lovely, but the one with Boris - GREAT;) What a ham!