Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fugly The Squirrel

This is the squirrel that I have named Fugly. He has been coming around for a couple weeks now. The photos have been taken through the window & don't show the true horrifically visual fear that I first felt when I saw it climb on the bird aviary.  I thought I was looking at a rat!!

Hence the name Fugly...a term that I learnt a few years ago from my boys in their teen years. The word 'fugly', meant - fuc_in ugly! I gasp as you are doing now - but somehow over the years the word  has applied to different visuals.
And this being one of them!

This rodent, without its bushy tail looks just like a rat!

This is Fugly The Squirrel feasting on bird seed... I do hope his tail returns before the winter. It is a squirrel - isn't it?


  1. Oh my, Fugly is the right name for it. I never saw a squirrel with such skinny tail. I wonder what's up with this. JB

  2. Must be a young'un ... I've seen a few with no fluff to their tails. Next year he'll be big and strong like Boris :)