Saturday, July 21, 2012

Colouring With Crayons

This weekend is about getting ready for a new project. A colouring project that is then embroidered. I need crayons & I have no crayons, so ask Nick to pick me up some at Staples when he's out & about. He found this really neat telescoping, removable crayon sharpener, 150 crayon set!!! I asked for the 64 crayon box & thought that would be grand. As a child my mother would present me with a 'new colouring book & a box of 8 new crayons' on my visitation day with her. I loved to use my new crayons with there precise points to colour in the colouring books & would go into my Kyrotime as a child.
 Look at the wonderful collapses down and with the cover, it keeps your crayons clean till there next use! What fun, I could hardly wait. Nick was asked at the Staples till "Do you have a little one going to colour?", no replied "These are for my mom for some quilting thing she's doing." The sales person was quiet after that & wished him a good day.
 This is the pattern that I've been holding on to since last summer...time to put it to work and colouring is involved! I've never done such a project.
 So on my 24" x 29" cobblestone fabric, I trace out the pattern & started to colour it...first all areas that are to be coloured are heavily filled in with the white crayon. Then the indicated colours are added on top of the white crayon.
 Now it is all coloured, and I must say I enjoyed the process with my 'new crayons'
 Then it is heat set with a very hot iron & paper towels. This is a quick process & it melted beautifully into the fabric.
 Here's a bit of history. In the winter of 1963 I won a Santa Claus colouring contest & was in the Santa Claus Parade. It was a huge thrill for this little eastend girl to be in a convertible with a fur blanket to keep us warm & waving to everyone. I also had dinner with the parade people & was presented with a transistor radio. Avery big deal back in the day! I'm the little one with the hairband. My 80 year old mother recently gave me this newspaper clipping that she had keep all this time. I was thrilled to get this little piece of my history, I was 7 years old.

This has been such a fun weekend for me, outside under the sun umbrella colouring & having tea & biscuits.
What fun & wonderful feeling today.

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  1. Your project sounds so interesting. I used to do some coloring on fabric with the kids when they were young and it was fun.

    I'm not surprised that you won that coloring contest, you are so creative with everything you do. Have a great week. JB