Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Primitive Gatherings Meets Bareroots

I've been working on the buttonhole embroidery stitch these days, using it on one of the wool kits I picked up on the Elmira Mystery Bus Tour. I still have the willow tree leaves to embroider & the window panes to be done in all the windows. With the wee scraps of wool left over from this Primitive Gatherings Saltbox Table Mat 22"x 22"... I used them to make this Bareroots #165 House's Candle Mat 8"x8" 

And together - I really like the look! So the two shall work as one & when I've something to place in the center of the large circle, I'll just remove the small center House Candle Mat.

For now I have to take a time out from hand sewing,  all the embroidery has done my finger in, I must find that thimble! I wish my middle finger was tougher!! The layering project was a pleasant surprise,  with the use of the scraps --- everything has harmony, from the scene of houses & trees to the same colour palette such fun!

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  1. You've been so busy with all the pretty stitchery, it's no wonder your fingers are sore. I love what you did with the black on those quilt squares.

    Congratulations to your son on his graduation. It's always difficult seeing them go far away. He looks some happy about receiving that new watch.

    It nice seeing your men all together in the same photo.

    Have a great week. JB