Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Peonies in Bloom

This morning the peonies looked so beautiful I had to pick them & bring them into the house to admire them with the fragrance so sweet.
I stood on a chair to do an aerial shot, to capture the three colours & full blooms. With all the movement of me rising on the chair...
 Diesel sought refuge in his crate, he's such a good dog. His shedding is starting to slow down this week, I emptied the canister vac, wow furry dust!! I still vacuum every other day as the house has a cream haze to it & you can tell when I vacuum as the colours in the carpets come back more vibrant. His beauty comes with a 'make work program'.

1 comment:

  1. Your peonies are so beautiful. Mine are in buds but hasn't bloomed yet. I've removed all my carpets and put hardwood parquet ourselves. It's so much easier to maintain than carpet with pets. The pets are gone now and I still love the hard wood floors.