Thursday, May 10, 2012

May Has Arrived!

The wee March banner has now been replaced by May, what happened to April, where did time go?
I now know it's May, at a glance I see bright colours that stand out in my neutral earth coloured decor, these colours pop! Not since my Fisher Price children days have I seen such colour. Oh how I love the seasons & the colours that come with them.
A few Christmas's ago my son bought me the complete set of Sharpie markers that really come in handy to cover over outline threads that have not stayed in the lines. This tip can to me from a wonderful workshop with landscape artist Rita Budd, "they're great for covering thread mistakes".

Well last year I left for the cottage in May & never returned till October--well the door quilt was left on the door the whole time & was it ever sun bleached & dull, no one thought to remove it...even as the leaves changed to their fall colours.

The markers came out & voila!! with some creative colouring  in red, orange, yellow & green, it was made bright & looks new again. I should have taken a before & after picture, hindsight is a wonderful think if you can remember!

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  1. Wow, is it ever bright and pretty. Thanks for sharing this tip. Have a great day. JB