Monday, February 6, 2012

Stitching Winter Memories

Stitching Winter Memories by Acorn Quilt & Gift Company is finally complete! What a job this 26" x 27" piece was, I really have to lose the mentality that small is fast & easy. The star blocks finish at 2", 16 embroidered blocks not including the photo borders & the border was changed out as the original was a 5 1/2 border, no sashing, & no cornerstones. I wanted this wee piece done by Valentine's Day, to add a little red in the lounge & it fit just right in place of the winter Snowmen quilt that was made a few years ago. 
This winter has been so warm & unusual, today's temp is 7C. Wow it is a winter memory of winter this season---this too will be a memory with the 2012 winter at the end of this year, it may return with more snow than normal, like last year with record breaking snowfalls. I'm enjoying this warmer weather though & walking is easy without the ice underneath the feet. Maybe next large snowfall, I'll go outside & make a snowman, it's like the last call of winter as Wiarton Willie proclaimed it to be an early spring.

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  1. Cynthia, your little wall hanging is so lovely. I enjoyed embroidery when I was a young girl and though this was a lot of work, it must have been an enjoyable piece for you to do. It looks so nice.
    We are having some warmer temperature here too this winter. JB