Monday, February 13, 2012

Cat In The Bay Window

Today was picture perfect with Tommy the cat, in the bay window taking in the morning sun.

How purrrfect is he!


  1. Well, he is so PURRFECT! I suddenly wonder why there are cats who love the sun and there are some who don’t. My best friend’s cat, Zia, doesn’t like the sun and always hides, that’s why my best friend decided to replace her window blinds with shades to reduce sunlight. It’s nice that your Tommy loves it, and even sleeps under its light! That window is definitely for him, isn’t it? ;)
    Carlene Legrande

  2. Bay windows allow the passage of sunlight, giving a vibrant ambiance to our homes. Even the cat in this picture is having a good nap while enjoying under the sun. It is nice to open our windows in the morning; it allows sunlight to enter our homes, giving us a bright start to our day.

    Danielle Bailey

  3. He perfectly rests there as the light penetrates the window and gives him a “limelight” moment. LOL!! Yup, he is purrrfect indeed.. :)

    Roxie Tenner

  4. I guess cats really love the sunlight, hehe! Anyway, I really like the style of your window. It reminds me of those houses in Germany’s countryside. The houses there also have the same style of windows with the criss-cross bars. Anyway, that’s a very adorable picture of your cat. He is purrfect! =)

    William Gulliver

  5. Your cat definitely loves the sun! He looked so peaceful and adorable while doing his morning nap! (But maybe he loved your windows too) He might be dreaming of something nice from outside your bay windows. He is even smiling in his sleep! :)

    -Keven Sumrell

  6. your cats really love the sun.