Friday, January 6, 2012

My Awe Moment

While having my coffee this morning I looked out the lounge window & had a WOW moment. The morning sky was so beautiful in it's soft shades of pink & blue. I ran for my camera & tried to capture what my eyes were seeing.
These are morning's that make it worth while getting up early, it's like a gift - seeing this present!
The large trees have no leaves left, giving way to view more of natures beauty. My awe moment. As I've uploaded these photos & wrote this...daylight is upon us & this beauty is gone, photos are all I have left. 


  1. Wow - thanks for sharing your "moment" with us!!! I love to wake early also and sit quietly watching the break of day, and I often feel the same way - just AWE!

  2. What a great way to savor the beautiful sunrise a little longer. Great photography. All our snow melted on New Year's Eve. We had slippery road but all the ice is gone now. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. JB