Sunday, March 27, 2011

Swan Migration in Aylmer ON

A week 1/2 ago,  I was out on a road-trip with Ann & Susan, Susan had an idea to add to our agenda, that was to see the swans...she even brought her telescope for better viewing, wow! This photo is shot from my digital camera. It is a trip well worth the viewing, during the migration you have the opportunity to see more swans than your eyes could ever take in. Loads of information is posted within the inside lookout, it was a first for me...I'm still in awe. Did you know the swans life span is 20 years? & over 1/2 of their life is spent in   migration.
The bird conservation area is located next to the Aylmer Police College, well worth the road trip. Thank you for sharing Susan! Then we were off to Winter Wheat,  & the New Sarum Diner for grilled cheese sandwiches & drinks...the non-nonalcoholic kind. 

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