Thursday, March 10, 2011

Remembering Mitch's Quilt...How did I make that?

This quilt did help bring the stash down on the Thimbleberry fabrics & the awareness up on how little I had in lights fabrics...wonderful scrappy quilt, one of those 'one block is formed from only one block!
Mitchell has been bring laundry back home to borrow the washer & drier & my folding skills... to complete & get his laundry out of my laundry room. He's been in the process of painting & replacing the flooring in his laundry room for over a month. Recently he brought over his quilt that I made him in 2007 & wanted it washed, he said it's only been in use for 6 months. Well I washed it & dried it...then marveled at the new beauty of it's softer look all quilted up, Beth Michilitis you did a wonderful job on the long-arm!

Now how did I do that pattern? it was so simple & a fast work shop that I had taken at the Thames Valley Guild years ago...where was the repeating block? the more questions I asked out loud, the more curious my husband & son became...well Mitch found the block & Bill got the trusty painters tape out to show me the block. I got the measuring tape out to see the size of the pieces that were pieced together. This is a quilt I will make again...maybe in brights, al spring & summer bloom colours!
 Looking at the quilt I laughed as the double piano key border as that happened by mistake. Getting carried away, I added one more round on top of the previous piano key row & loved the look. So I finished it in the double...sometimes mistakes do work for the best!

I could not see the block...

Yes! now I see the block...

Here's how I did it...

-  3 1/2" length by 2" width (finished square is 3" by 1 1/2"), cutting the same number of lights as darks, you too may be you have more darks or more lights in your stash?
-  sew the length of two lights together, then add a dark on each end, add the outer making sure the darks are together meeting at the end & viola! keep this block next to you, then begin chain piecing to speed up the process...many,many blocks will be needed.
-  bring the dark corners together & the pattern will form. A design wall is helpful with this process.

After making that many would think that you'd remember!
Good memory...not long!

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  1. what a huge quilt, it is just gorgeous but you can't go wrong with Thimbleberries currently trimming the centres to add the last petal for the Flower Garden quilt and I think I'll do 2 at the same time to get it over with, ivory print background for my sister June, it's her 65th birthday in June.