Friday, December 31, 2010

Waverley's 1st Christmas

Granddaughter Waverley played baby Jesus for the Children's Service at St. Paul's Cathedral. For her Christmas morning I made her a Holly Hobbie sock from a kit that I purchased from Mary Maxium. The sock took over 80 hours to embroider, sequin & bead, & hand stitch together. The inside is lined with a paisley fabric  made by the Waverly Company, this is now her heirloom made with love by her Grandma, her mom's mom. She also received a Sunbonnet Sue's quilt in Redwork, a project that I carried around North America for a year, doing a block here & a block there, till 12 blocks were complete. Then I put them together & quilted by machine using a X design to show all my kisses for her. Her three older brothers also received quilts for Christmas.

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