Monday, December 27, 2010

A New Beginning for 2011

I'm going to attempt documenting here rather than my Winter Wheat journal. Already the spell check is improving my spelling! I'm not a techno however I've been offered help to it begins!
Today was a most successful shop at The Marsh Store in Coldstream with my quilting buddy. The purchase was mainly in flannel backing, 108" width with 2.5 meter length, I now have a square that will fit a queen size quilt top. I'm fond of flannel backings as the quilt doesn't creep of the bed & wrapping in the flannel is cozy & stays on you if your wrapped in a lap quilt. Several backings were purchased now I need to work on those quilt tops, with the backings serged, washed & dried ready to use.Let it I Can Sew.

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