Friday, April 5, 2019


The last two days have been snow then came the wind & oh my, is it really April here?!

 The wind yesterday brought in the 'waves of snow drifts' in the parking lot area.

 It is so white with deep snow, the birch trees look lovely though!

 Even with being warm & cozy inside, the outside has a frightful look!

The snowdrift stops just shy of the garage door, isn't that handy for me! The plough cannot get close to the garage door, he sure has his work cut out for him today on this road of waterfront properties.
I'm not in southwestern Ontario anymore.
In just two weeks today, I've got family coming for the Easter holiday. I'm hoping for warmer days!

Keeping Busy...

 Remember the 'pie bird' collection?

 The pie birds will soon have their place inside the shadow box behind them!
I embroidered & appliqued the backdrop from Rhonda of Farmhouse patterns a few years back.
It was perfect for these ceramic birds & what was more perfect was visiting Jocelyn & her giving me this shadow box to do something with! She had no idea that I was on the quest for finding the shadow box for the quilt square & the pie birds!! Funny how some things are just meant to be. Thank you again, Jocelyn, for making my idea a reality!

 Last Christmas we purchased eight placemats with one of the Wrendale designs on it & the Good Hare Day mug is one of my favourite coffee mugs. I love rabbits & these renderings are such characters that they make you smile!
We knew that it would be a large Easter gathering & these placemats would be perfect.
I had a piece of quilted fabric from a drapery store in London's Hyde Park several years back & it would compliment the placemats with the colour & textured design.

 I washed & dried the fabric then serged the edge & then did a zigzag with a winged needle so I could easily crochet the edge with the Edgit piercing & crochet hook. I used crochet cotton by Anchor however just had enough to do single crochet around the edging. I would have liked to do a more decorative edging if I had more but it was a vintage used ball I had picked up when I was learning to tat & was thankful that I did get all the way around the 2 1/2 meters of fabric.
I liked the crochet cotton colour as it is the hare's colour  & the two will coordinate beautifully.
I'll take pics of the table & post them after Easter.
This hook also does a beautiful job on baby receiving blankets too. I'm going to try it on clothing for a decorative hem finish.

 I am blest with giving girlfriends!
Cecile had a weaving loom & sold it last year. She gave me bags of scrap fabrics & I used the red/white/blue on the Mustang rug last year, a white/grey runner under my dough bowl, & last week I made a fabric handled basket with a lid. The colours looked summery to me & those colours put you in a good frame of mind when you only have cold & snow to deal with. Thank you, Cecile!

With summer in mind & Bill's birthday, I made him two PJ surf bottoms with Star Trek fabric that I ordered in from Sew Sisters in Toronto. The navy/white is so summery looking too!

I've been snowed in for three days now & will probably get plowed out sometime today.
I'm going to work on some spring clothing to go with my BOG boots when we get the April showers I'll be ready in my new khaki/navy/green outfits.

Snow = Sew that's how I'm going to get through this.
And knowing "This too will pass".

Have a great weekend where you are!
Thank you for stopping in for a visit to Kyrotime's blog!

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  1. Oh my, you really got a lot of snow still. This has been a very snowy winter. We had about 4 inches that fell on Wednesday but it was heavy wet snow. The wind has stopped but it kept me from sleeping well last night. The river is opened but I think that spring is reluctant to show its muscles but it will come.

    Those summer pjs looks pretty cool. I like the crocheted stitching around the placemat. I've never did that type of stitching. I've done the blanket stitch ages ago. I still haven't picked up a needle except for sewing buttons, lol.
    Take care and have a safe weekend.
    Hugs, Julia