Friday, December 2, 2016

We Have Moved In And I've finally Got Internet!

 And it was time for the trio of cats to get to know their new home too...

 So they were loaded into the back of my Ford Escape, with great curiosity, I might add. lol

 Tom Cat has been with me for 18 years & you can tell that he has made a lot of moves with me.
He was not a happy camper & wet the cage!

 Rexton was not impressed, & with a seven minute drive, I'd deal with it when everyone is out of the cage & wiped down.
 Bill planted hyacinth bulbs all around the bird bath area & what a show of colour that will be coming up the driveway.

 It will also be nice to look at from the great room window, that's were I was standing to taking this photo. :-)

 The Anniversary Garden is in view from this large window too!

 The cement slab is where the bird bath goes, when winter is done. Gray days for these photos.

 Bill topped the bulbs with some black mulch, to cover them & keep them cozy for the winter snow coming... very soon.

 He is so happy with his Muck Boots, now those are happy feet! lol

Bill's just a happy guy! Thank you for doing the job of planting all the bulbs for me! Happy wife - happy life! lol

 Old Tom has settled in nicely on the couch with our tartan blanket.

 The very large aloe plant will find its place inside, last year I replanted it in sand & Bill could not believe how heavy a plastic container of sand & plant could be!

 Doris, our wonderful plant keeper, laughed & said that she had just watered it, yes it's heavy.
It has found its place in the exercise room, right at the huge window.

 The foyer now looks like someone lives here! This is the view when you walk in through the front door. Slowly things are being put in place & unpacked.
 The front door with Tuxedo watch cats on duty. lol Another plant that Doris cared for, we took the plants to her last December & eleven months later, everyone of them survived. Now it's up to me to keep them alive... no pressure. lol

 This is one of the two plug ins that were installed into the granite counter top. The small button in front is pushed in & the top of the outlet is pushed down, creating a flushed, brush nickel plate. One was needed to pass the electrical inspection & could not decide on which end of this 12 foot island to place one, so two were installed, one at each end. Only in New Brunswick does this ruling stand!
The rest of Canada can have the outlets at the side ends of the island. Very expensive in NB for this installation in granite!

 The large mirror adds light to the end of the island &  I've started with some Christmas decorations.

 Just love the nutcrackers at Christmas time!

 The red cardinals warm the area, on the newly painted white railings.

 We have miss placed our Christmas tree in Bill's shop... it is there somewhere & I've nearly have him talked into a 9foot, 1400 light tree,  from Canadian Tire.

                                 Christmas socks from last year.
I have more to make for the family coming this month!

 Look who has moved with us to the Hardwicke House, I Love Lucy, the Canadian goose!

 She is all dressed to greet the cars in the lane way. Liz your red boat fabric works great on costumes!

 The lane way, in front of the garage areas,  is now done! The asphalt will be done in the spring.

 This is the side entrance, with the man door & small garage door.

 And this is the lane way in front of the house. It is so neat & tidy with the black stone rolled down.


 The sewing room is the room of chaos right now. I wish I had Bev here to sort me out, look at all those bins in the shelves Bev! Fabric collections & UFO's, I also have my rug hooking in this room, the decorating supplies, clothing supplies, & quilting. It will take some time to sort.

 This is the sewing area, it is much neater now, these pics were from last week, I'm so happy to know that there has been progress!

 Sweet Alice In Wonderland awaits to be unwrapped & placed in her vignette. lol


 Mitchell's Mountain has found its place in the kitchen. Once Bill plugged it in, he said "It doesn't look very big here!" I think it looks perfect!

 Mitchell also found, a couple of years ago,  this fiber op lighthouse. I use it on the counter top & plug it into the very expensive pop up plugs.

                                 I love the IKEA cabinets & how they light up from the inside.

             See the electrical plug, flush with the counter on the right?

 Cynthia, look at how nice your Mom's ruby red crystal looks in the cabinet! I love it!

 I placed the nativity scene on top of the entertainment unit,  worked on the manger scene by myself & love the way it turned out.

All is calm, all is bright!   Then Rexton had to get on top & jump behind the heavy oak, two piece, entertainment unit, that was placed diagonal to the corner... & cry because she could not get up the unit, nor could she get out from behind.
How I moved that unit without upsetting any figurines, is still a mystery to me! The manger is balanced between the two units, the shepherds, on the left, are balances on two stacked  - 2x4's & the wise-man & camel, on the right,  are balanced  on plastic gizmos I found in the basement.

Again... All is calm, all is bright!

I don't have my wee Boris Loree this Christmas... but we do have Mr. Boots & he's sporting Boris' Christmas collar. I think he likes to get dressed up, so we've been rehearsing the Christmas attire.
I wonder if he'll let Bill put the Christmas pants on him? We could call him Santa Claws! lol
Mr. Boots really is a good sport!

It has been a tough week with Bell Aliant, I finally have my internet & a phone line. It took a week to get it installed & Bill was extra careful when ordering a change of address three weeks ago. The work order did say what was to be done... the girl checked the wrong box & we were to que for the full week till the work could get done. The tech was excellent & that is the only survey they give you. Not one for the huge inconvenience of screwed up work orders or supervisors not calling you back.
Everyone here has a story of how bad the service is... not the techs, the service of Bell Aliant or lack there of. We're in a remote area & have very outdated services, sometimes as slow as dial up or no service at all. I'll be curious to see if they charge us for the week service that we did not have!
They always ask if there is anything else they could do & we always say "We would like high speed fiber op." Oh so sorry you can not have that in your area, is always the reply. Then I ask them to stop mailing me that advertisement then! They know from the postal code & they mail out through the postal code. Such a tease!

Oh the joys of the season!
We had our first storm yesterday & today it is so wet & heavy. It looked like the winter wonderland yesterday. I love the first snow fall of the season, all the grey is coated with white, a beautiful white.

Making it all calm & bright!

Thank you for stopping by & sorry for the delay in posting... @#$%& Bell Aliant.

Have a wonderful weekend, with just 23 days till Christmas. WOW!!!!

Ho Ho Ho


  1. Looks amazing Can't wait to see it all in 3 weeks mom
    Love Donny

  2. Congratulations on moving in your new mansion. Everything looks beautiful.

    I haven't been on the social media lately. We lost our oldest daughter in October and things will never be the same now. My Christmas cheer has evaporated.


  3. You're in! YEAH!! Looking soooo good. Old Tom certainly does not look happy, but maybe a couple of days rest on the Tartan will help. Love the red cardinals, a Cardinal quilt is on my retirement To Do list! Yes, the ruby glassware looks gorgeous in its new home. Bet you're so happy to finally be in. Now for the fun stuff pf rediscovering all your stuff. TTFN