Saturday, December 10, 2016

Christmas Events - Leading Up To Christmas

 This week just flew by with events & I'm still unpacking & settling in. The Miramichi Bay is beginning to ice up & the winds are howling day & night.

Burr - Ice is now on the bay, the tide is going out & the icy cold, water is moving quickly.

Upstairs in the guest wing, the library has been decorated for Christmas & the morning sun pouring through is warm. I think this is going to become one of my favourite spots for hand sewing!

Bill's office has a lot of books & so many more in still in boxes. For now I'll fill the shelves with decorative pillows, quilts, & Dr. Seuss Christmas characters.

  Outside the library is the new mezzanine, the steel posts have been installed & await for the glass & railing tops to be installed in about two weeks. Hopefully just in ti me for Christmas. The elevator & the elevator doors will be installed next week, when Bill & Nicholas arrive home for Christmas.
See the white toilet paper & cutlery holder at the end? I nearly walked off the end a couple of months back, it was quite the adrenaline rush & I've had many of those with my race days, this one I'm sure aged me!! I can't wait for the glass rails, ETA,  from Economy Glass in Moncton!

 Most evenings after supper I put a fire on, in the fire box & Rexton just loves the warm. I think she misses Boris Loree for the warmth as she has now taken a liking to liking Mr. Boots! lol

 My son Nicholas & I share the love of popcorn & he was amazed this summer when I popped popcorn in a pan with oil. He tried it in Toronto & found an even better solution to the feast of popcorn. This soccer ball gizmo is a hot air popcorn machine, he liked it so much, he purchased one for me too! And I'm loving it!!

 At the top, is an opening that is closed off by the measuring spoon, see it? It helps to hold the heat in the popper,  you just place the front funnel on & a bowl under the funnel & turn the machine on...

                      And watch with absolute delight as the popcorn fills the bowl!

The hot air pops the corn, making it with less calorie & fat than the oil & a perfect treat that's just waiting in the pantry, whenever I want a little something to graze on.
You wipe it down when your finished , place the lid of the soccer bowl, which can also be used as a bowl! back on & store it away till next time. Thank you Nick, I love that machine! Yum!!

 I laughed out loud when I saw this socer ball gizmo, way back in the 1980's, I was a soccer coach assistant to the eldest son Donny's soccer games. Bill still laughs when he describes what this soccer mom looked like on the field, with all the little boys. What can I say, I loved styling my 'big perm' & shoulder padded clothing! lol An era most of us would love to forget that styling! LOL

Hungry Hookers - Rug Hookers!!

 Marg, Dianne, & Susan are getting the Christmas feast ready for all of us rug hookers.

 Chinese & pizza are now awaiting ...

 Everyone was in a Christmas mood & the Lion's Center was decorated for just that,  A Very Merry Christmas.

 We always have such a good time together & since joining in 2011, I've been taught so much about hooking rugs. We all had a wonderful Christmas lunch feast, thank you Marg for all you do for us!!

 This is Mr. Boots head, he has gotten between all my bed pillows & snuggled in. How a 21 pound cat can disappear in pillows, is quite the quest!

 After getting that photo, of the disappearing cat, Old Tom jumped up...

 Old Tom settled in, then Rexton joined in to make the trio, on my bed. They do this on a daily routine but I have never seen Mr. Boots disappear into the pillows before. lol

Kitchen Party At Symone's

Symone & I, she's such a wonderful person! XO

The living room fills with people, some will play guitar & sing, some will just toe tap & enjoy.
The kitchen has the food & wow what a night feast that was. I feasted on turkey & lemon pie.Mmm

                                                         Two of the guitar singers.

 Or some would sing with sheet music for the words. The evening was being recorded by Andrew King, he was the video person for 'Still Fishing After The Escuminac Disaster.

 Linda was part of this trio of performers, she has such a strong beautiful voice. Each would take a turn singing, look at how festive Symone made the house!

 The empty spot on the couch was where I took in all the wonderful evening.

The entertainment was heard from outside the room too, a fun evening. I was at last years kitchen party there too! A wonderful time of the year with good friends!

 This morning, talking on the phone & saying good-night, to Bill in China, I saw this image of the morning sun coming through the mezzanine window.

As we talked longer I noticed the ships silhouette taking in the railings image. How cool was that!
I caught a Kodak moment!

Merry Christmas & I hope you too have a festivity or two to attend & share with others!



  1. Tell Dad I wanna help with install so don't finish it without me. It will be different installing one in a building with windows
    Love Donny

  2. It looks like you're in good Christmas Spirit with all your friends. The Christmas kitchen party sound like a lot of fun.
    Stay safe till the glass is installed in the mezzanine. It will look awesome.

    It's been bitter cold here and I dress double layers to go to the barn and I'm having a hard time keeping warm.