Saturday, August 6, 2016

Savoring Summer, Addition Surprise...Wait There's More!

August has arrived & as I was hanging clothes this week I heard the loud singing/screaming, of the insect, I've always known as the 'Tree Toad' it's the staccato bug. The Atlantic weather person Cindy Day, has her Grandma Says, sayings but this one comes from my English Grandpa Haynes. He would tell me that it would mean 6 more weeks of summer, then the coming of first frost. As soon as I heard that loud song of summer, my heart feel...'I'm going to savor summer', I thought to myself as I still have a month & a half of these glorious dog/cat days left!

The first half has gone...oh so fast. This summer,  is the blink of an eye season for sure.

 I made the August hanger in time for August! The book has been used for making the other months but not August or... September, oh my that is a Fall & the October quilt is done! ;-)

                         I had fun naming the boat & gave it the Roman Numeral year,  2016.

Cat Days Of Summer~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                             A rare sight to see these two napping together on their cat mats.

 Rexton moves a little in her sleep, whilst Tommy never budges an inch...for hours.

 Oh these hot lazy days of snoozing. Mr. Boots is having a nap upstairs, probably on my bed!

 Sandy, I brought my plant from you & it's still alive! Your right about how easy it is to care for, I'd like to see that red flower again but for now it's 'heart shaped' leaves are healthy. ;-)

 Going through some of the many bins that have arrived from London ON, I found the Mary Maxim pattern book for Lucy the Goose. I'm crocheting her a turkey outfit for Thanksgiving.
Gary I'm really enjoying the yarn bowl you made me as a going away gift.  Rexton is not tempted to pounce the yarn ball, as it moves with my crocheting stitches.

 Lynn, my sweet red & white doll now has her own red wicker carriage, I'm still on the look out for something to put in it...

Baa Baa Black Sheep~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

 I've had this pattern forever & I just love sheep. I made these from some black felt & muslin.
The large sheep is just 12" tall & the wee Baa-bara is 8" tall.
Ewe-Nice is wearing a tabbard, made from a cotton vintage doilie  & the lace trim used on the bloomers & dresses are from the doilie's edging. I'm being creative with what I have at hand.
The dresses are 3 Sisters fabric fat 1/4's that Elizabeth gifted me for Christmas, 5 years ago!
That is the wonderful thing about fabric, it never goes the lettuce in the fridge that you have every intention of eating when you purchase it! lol

It's a Country Threads pattern called 'Country Sheep - Ewe-nice & Baa-bara'. lol

 The large one was to wear a straw hat but living in a rural area with no craft shops around, I crocheted from cotton, a summery hat covering for this one.

 There's also a miniature plaid cake stand basket quilt 37" x 47'' to make for the back drop of these sheep. I don't have all my fabrics with me to put it together but if it took 10 years to make these sheep, the quilt will be done when it's done. lol

Summer At The Carroll Cottage

               There's just something so homey about flower boxes on a house or cottage.

                              And the marigolds are thriving in this hot & humid weather.

 So far this summer the youngest Carroll daughter, Helen & the oldest Carroll son, Jerry, have come to see the cottage aka their homestead. There were 10 children raised from this house & I've gotten to meet a few of them & happy to hear their stories of the memories they had here.

 Bill was here for a week & did the mowing & whipper snipping around the cottage property. The laneway is getting more grass that black stone these days. This is the view of the Carroll Cottage from the west side of the hoop laneway.

 This is the view from the east side of the hoop laneway, it too has a lot of grass/weed growth.
 I use to push a gas mower on this lawn back in 2009. It would take me 5 hours of mowing to get it done! Wow did I lose weight that summer, it was like being at a boot camp! lol

                     Bill also filled in black stone, around the side garden. It looks so good!

 He also finished the shade garden for me! You can always tell when he's around, so much gets done in just a week! Thank you sweetheart!! XO

 I laughed when I saw this position of Tommy sleeping. To me he looked like a swimmer diving off a diving board, going for the water. lol

Rug Hooking~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

                                 I get the camera out & position the rug...Rexton gets on it!

 I move her & preposition the rug & look through the lens to see her again! I push her off...

                              This time looking through the lens she's cleaning her toes?!

 Finally after pushing her away for the third time I can get this picture of the Cabin In The Woods.
 I've since removed the white off the cabin & replaced it with brown, from the turkey outfit.

                                       Sweet dreams Rexton, photo shoot is done!

Friday Photo Shoot of the Addition

 The front of the house is really coming 'back' together. Windows have bee reinstalled, this time with headers on them! The foyer window looks great & I've found the chandelier in the website. It's out of stock right now & they'll let me know when it's in stock.

Wait There's More.....TROUBLE!!!

 The sun porch was going to be left alone until it was noted that the shirting around the porch that was done last summer, had wood not wrapped in plastic & would rot in a couple of years sitting on the wet ground. AND most of the cement columns were cracked & had NO rebar in them!! Here we go again $$$$ Bill your never going to retire at this point!

 Bill just said 'Make it right' I really feel like a program from the Mike Holmes show! So new supports will be installed & the skirting properly done.
I'm impressed with the workers & how careful they are around the gardens. They have to work so close to the plants & none have been damaged!

 The view from the shore, my stain glass studio window & the exercise room window are the only two left on this side.

 The view through our pine trees, the one on the right will one day have Christmas lights. :-)

The roof is now on & the angles of this unique modern house is now a reality!
The landfill is now feathered out, making it look even more attractive, next year we'll grass seed it.

Bill & I have met with the electrician & the plumber. It's coming together & I get a wow feeling every time I drive up to the Hardwicke house. It's deceiving from the front, you see the new entrance foyer, screened in porch, & garage. But it is the back of the house that has all the additional rooms.
This is viewed by our next door neighbours & those that are on the water.
And oh the view from those windows now!!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit to the north east part of New Brunswick and our piece of heaven on earth.

Have a wonderful week & enjoy the hot days of summer & give a listen to the staccato rubbing its wings together in the heat of the August days. Oh the sounds of summer!



  1. WOW - the renovations are really moving along! It's really starting to look like the plans you showed us. You're right, August has slipped by almost unnoticed :(. Thanks for your card, much appreciated. The last 2 weeks have flown by! I'm now the owner of a 234 piece set of antique Limoges Bridal Wreath china - place settings for 12 plus tons of misc. serving pieces. Eat your heart out! My B-I-L had to build a new shelf in the bureau I have in the living room just to hold these precious pieces. TTFN keep the pics coming.

  2. Wow indeed... Your dream retirement home is really looking beautiful but huge. Normally, retirement home are down sized and yours is growing bigger. I know that you have no intention of retiring as you're always busy. I love the sailboat applique. You always do such a great job.

    Oh those poor cats, they are having such a hard life. Rexton approves of your new rug.
    Take care and have a great rest of simmer. It's really zooming by fast.