Saturday, August 27, 2016

Metal Siding Begins!

The trip to the Hardwicke house this week was exciting to see the garage doors on...of which I did not get a picture of, the trades had the garage doors up & were working inside. I'll get a photo of those, beautiful grey garage doors - with horizontal side lights, next post.

The metal siding that has a wood textured look to it has been installed on the east side of the house.

                               It adds a great contrast to the 'midnight surf' coloured siding.

The architect at Breakwater did a wonderful job on his design work, thank you Reid!

Francis on the right, is cutting the metal siding. I stayed back as sparks were just a flying! Mark is up on the roof, installing the metal siding to the second story.

The front porch is getting its siding put back on & all windows & door now have headers!

Inside the house was a hive of activities, the drywall is now being installed & the rooms are closing in. This is my dressing room, which leads to my bathroom.

The master bedroom looks great with its vaulted ceiling. I can't wait for Bill & the boys to unbox & construct the king size canopy bed! I purchased king size bedding at the, sale site.
This room is going to be a soft smokey/muted grey & blue.

The stained glass studio has vaulted ceiling designs as well. The dry wall person asked if this was a bathroom? I replied 'No a stained glass studio, for teaching & doing stained glass.' He saw the water outlets for the laundry size tub & the kitchen sink/cabinets, making him think - bathroom. lol

The second story still has work to be  done to it but these guys are working fast! And my camera & I were not productive to their day. lol

 Oh I came down the great room stairs, I saw the work a head of me this Fall/Winter!

 The 'stuff' had to be put somewhere & this room & the sun porch were the only rooms available.

To think that my personal address/phone somewhere in there - but where!!!

The shore side will be getting its treatment soon. The sun porch with its crackle cement columns, will be the last area of treatment upgrading.

I love our evergreens & will be admiring them this winter, as they boldly stand up to the nor'east winds. I'll be cozy warm on the inside, looking out!

The house is a one of a kind design. Designed just for Bill & I to enjoy our retirement together!

I'll be interested to see how the snow will slide off this steel roof. For now it's a slanted floor for Mark to install the metal siding.

Our weather has been great for working, the last few days, with blue skies peaking through the fluffy clouds.

And this, those wonderful steps, made my day! There were NO steps into the house, you had to walk the plank like a pirate to get inside. I did not do the 'plank very often & was uneasy when I did.
After that nasty fall in the gravel last October, I'm very careful to stay upright. I just don't fall like I use to & need a lot of time to heal now. So those stairs, from the garage to the main foyer, made my day!

Back at the Carroll Cottage, look at how nice that pillow blends with the drapes! The drapes were originally a table cloth from the April Cornell collection, I sewed  blackout lining & placed grommets on the top, making them curtains, eight years ago now! Where does the time go?!
I'm enjoying the FAT Chalk painted chairs with the cottage look here & the pillow is a really nice accent piece to the fabric curtains. Funny how things just evolve as they should!

I'm sewing a quilt for my granddaughter, Madison aka Maddy & will post some of that later. It's a Laurel Burch design fabric called Canines & Felines.  The pattern is called Crazy Animals by Brenda Sutherland & I've never done so much unsewing in a long time! It was a complicated design that had very little speed piecing & in all fairness, said so in the instructions. It is a special quilt,  for a very special girl, this Christmas. Yes Christmas is just around the corner & I make the majority of my Christmas gifts, it is my labour of love to those I care about.

Thank you for stopping by & I hope I didn't put a damper in your day with the mentioning of Christmas! I love that time of the year & all its good cheer with family & friends. And this year,  it will all be done in the new renovated Hardwicke House! Ho Ho Ho!!

Have a great week, I know I will as Bill is returning from China & Nick is coming out with him on the east coast drive from Toronto. The truck & trailer are loaded with appliances & remember that 190 boxes of kitchen IKEA, well it's arriving this trip!

So much excitement these days! I'm glad you stopped by!



  1. Oh my, you have your work cut out for you this fall. It will be amazing. I think metal siding is a great investment. Take care and take it one day at a time.

  2. I love the color of the siding of the home. It looks like it will match with everything that you have on the exterior of the house while providing a modern appearance. Metal siding is also a benefit as it's easy to keep clean with a simple wash with a hose.

  3. It takes a lot of time and work to install a new siding or garage doors, but it's always worth the hard work in the end. I love the idea of a dressing room and vaulted ceiling in the bedroom. A sun porch with evergreens in the yard sounds very relaxing. The pillow you posted looks amazing with the drapes. It is always great to find items that complement each other.

  4. Looks like your place is really coming together. That's going to be a big house, with a great view. Your land is very nice with the grass and the evergreens. I bet you will enjoy your retirement there. Will you have any pets there? You can also plant a garden and have organic vegetables whenever you want.

    Jeffrey Holmes @ NJ Window Treatments

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