Saturday, July 9, 2016

The Walls Are Going Up!

Week by week, now month by month & it's all coming together!
The floors went down on Monday & the walls were done or Friday.

 To the left is the frame of the  garage & the opening on the solid wall is the door will be off the laundry room. This area will have a small porch to stand & hang the laundry out. And living next to the shore, the breezes make for fast drying, some days you need to use 'extra clothes pins' to keep the laundry on the line. lol

 The two window openings on the left are for the master bedroom. The front corner windows will be Bill's office, what a breath taking view with all windows facing the waterfront.

 The left of the photo is the back of the garage, where a third garage door will go for the lawn tractor.

 The framing for the bay window in the kitchen is taking shape. The wall, window, & door will soon come down, making a larger area in the kitchen.

 This addition really shows it size from Marg & Dellie's, our next door,  neighbours yard.

 The front entrance is starting to take shape. You can see the opening attached to the main house. The roof for the garage is in the foreground of the picture. I'm hoping for good weather this week. :-)

We met with the landscaper to talk about the slope grade, I tried to make it clear to him that I did a lot of the mowing & I don't want to drive the tractor sideways on hills. So much new grass is going to have to be seeded next year.


Myers's Quilt Show 

Ted's Boat Shed was again loaded to the quilters for the show.

Elizabeth had a very productive winter last year & this is one of several quilts that she had finished & on display at the show.
 Leoda saw this design in a picture & made her own pattern using 2 1/2" hexagons to create her design. Stunning, how she brought the picture to life!

 This log cabin, appliqued quilt caught my eye! The photo is not the best as I had to take it sideways.

The inside if each white area, a different scene of a bird(s).

 There were not as many entries this year  but the show was lovely just the same!

 My Freckles Design wall hanging of the Autumn Fairies was a big hit. The woman working the door said she could have sold it 30 times! I'm entering that piece in the Napan Agricultural Fair next month.

Thank you for the visit. I hope your enjoying your summer...some how it slipped away from us & we're having cooler weather, maybe next week summer will return.

Until next week.

And I'm living this saying whilst waiting for the house to be finished!

The secret of patience is doing  something else in the meantime.

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