Monday, July 4, 2016

The Basement Floor!

The basement floor was poured on Thursday & did that ever clean up the mucky mess!

 Looking at the garage opening, you get no scale or idea of 'what lies beneath'.

 So Bill brought a huge ladder & placed it at the elevator opening to get into the basement.

 Looking at Bill through the back of the  garage opening.

 Down he goes....

 But not after he sends me down first!! lol

 OMGoodness this is going to be a big basement for great storage & oh the storage we need!

 And this will be below my sewing studio & the stain glass studio above it!

 For now it's a basement & now the floor joist will be next!

Bill standing near his exercise room.
 Here's the door to the exciting basement, under the new kitchen area.

 The kitchen area above with a bay window to be added on the front & a pair of French doors to the sun porch.

 This is going to look so different once the framing starts. Bill & I have the two upstairs bedrooms to pack & empty as the exterior wall is going to come out, as the addition is attached to it.

 The left corner is under the laundry room & the stairs to the basement from the garage will be installed in the cove area.

 Bill is showing me where the bed will be in the bedroom. ;-)

 The ladder is at the elevator opening from the garage. That seems to be the busy place right now & will be after the dust settles from this construction. Three garage doors, one man door to the outside, one door to the inside foyer, the basement door, & the elevator door...busy place!

 The garage is going to get its floor after the roof is on. The red taped items are the drains. Bill is having hot & cold water installed in his garage.

The Lobster Feast

Our Hardwicke neighbour Mark, stopped by & left a pair of lobsters for the guys & did they enjoy that feed! They were donning their lobster bibs & looking oh so festive for Canada Day! lol

Bill enjoying his feed of lobster!

                                             Donny was a happy camper too with his feed!

It was good having Donny (-Mommy version of Donald) It doesn't matter how old they get, they're still 'the kids' to me. Thank you for all your help Donny, that trailer was loaded to the hilt! & the new shelf installation really cleaned things off the floor.

The Cottage Blooms

I'm so loving staying in the Carroll Cottage whilst construction is going on in the Hardwicke house!

 This is the last surviving rose bush that I planted back in 2009, it's blooming well this year!

 There's such beauty in a rose bush with the watching the buds bloom. :-)
 Two winters ago, it was trying to bloom in November. I told Bill of Cindy Day's Grandma Says sayings & wow was it true!!! If roses bud late in the fall, snow will be high...New Brunswicke set records & broke every other record that was held! Grandma knows! lol

 The colour around the cottage is very summery right now, I'm just loving the smells too!

 The Lee Valley bucket has held the Costco hanging basket beautifully.

 Marigolds, oh how I think of my Grandma Haynes, she would have them going up the side of her walkway & tell me that they would keep the mosquitoes away.

This is the last of the Lupins.

The summer is going fast now & I'm going to try to savor it.

Thank you for stopping by for a visit, due come back.

Have a great week!

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  1. Happy Canada Day ! Wow - things are really progressing. I'm beginning to see the vision, your pics help. Boy, Donny looks a lot like you - just saying. Local tragedy here in London as our local quilt store burnt down on Friday! No more Cornerstone Quilts!! I blogged about it. Summer is zooming along, vacation days coming soon ! TTFN