Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Kitties & Sewing Kitties

I've been working on the fabric panel called -  Quilting Companions by Robin Betterley.

The panel has a small pillow or rug mug, two small kitties that could be pin cushions, & a large cat.
I'm fond of the orange tabby cat, years ago I had one called Egnaro - orange spelled  backwards. lol  
For short, this cat was called Eggs. 
Here they are all sewn together.

The mug rug placemat has machine quilting on it & is so sweet!

Speaking of sweet...
Here's Mr. Boots having an afternoon sleep on the guest bed. I threw a hooked rug on the bed for him to lay on & it landed on him.

 I thought he would get out underneath it & have his snooze on it...

 Two hours later I looked in on him, well really I was looking for Rexton. Where was she?

  •  This is the top bunk, holding some of my summer clothes & hats. I've been rummaging through them looking for warmer clothes these days. Do you see the roll of foam? 
  • Well Rexton is curled up inside it! 
                                                                         There she is!!

 See the bald spot on Mr. Boots? Well I've stressed him out with his ear treatments, getting rid of the earmites. The best treatment has been pure virgin olive oil in his ears. This will smother the mites & it's working better than the chemical treatment.
His hair is already starting to grow back in. Poor Kitty.

 So much rain these days....

                                           Look at the backyard at the Carroll Cottage today!
                                  And the front yard looks like a pond on a golf course again!

                                I've planted some bachelor buttons & lilies at the side porch.
                     Just in time too as the rain started & I couldn't finish the rest of the garden.

 And the same lilies at the front of the wrap around porch. These lilies were taken out Sunday from the Hardwicke house & all in good time too,  as the hydro pole that they were around was removed on Monday!

We've had a lot of rain here & once the sun comes out it's going to be humid with all the drying up that has to be done.

I know that it has slowed down the construction on the Hardwicke house, I'll be curious to see what has been done this week. Once the foundation walls are poured for the basement, the area will look more like a house, coming out of the whole in the ground!

Thank you for the visit on the sewing post. Some of the EBH Garden Club members are going to Cornhill Nursery. I plan on taking my camera to share this visit with you. Have a great week!

Thought for the week.

May you do what you love and love what you do.

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