Sunday, January 3, 2016

Sarnia Ontario - Awesome!

 This weekend Bill & I met with our eldest son Donald, also known by Donny, by me. ;-)
He lives in Sarnia & services the elevators there, he told me of the Masterworks from the Beaverbrook Art Gallery in the city's art gallery last summer.

OMGoodness, Heather & I had tea in The Beaverbrook House,  his boyhood home, in Newcastle New Brunswick & now I'm viewing this art collection! I really am living a dream!

We arrived early & Bill took my photo in front of the Judith & Norman Alix Art Gallery in Sarnia.

Here is the timeline of this legendary man.


If you get the chance to see this it is so worth it, the exhibition ends February 7th 2016. The entry is free & a free will donation is accepted. What a beautiful gallery & the coffe shop across the street is a great place too!

 Donny & I in front of Salvador Dali's Santigo El Grande, 1957, oil on canvas 407.7 x 304.8cm
The curator told us that a better perspective of the picture, reveling more, if one would lay down on the ground in front of it. Yes Donny did & saw another angel! What a powerful piece!
Thank you for joining us Donny, what a fun day we had!
When he was young, Donny grew up with me finishing a 4 year program in art at Bealart in the early 80's. I majored in textiles & minored in sculpture, so he too has an appreciation for the art world & the beauty that can evolve through it.

Thank you for stopping by for this historical, cultural visit!

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