Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

What a fast year that was!! I was told that the older you get...the faster time moves, wow that is exactly what's happening with time in this phase of my life.

It was the first Christmas in New Brunswick & a wonderful one at that!

We started new traditions & kept the old ones that Bill & I have been sharing for the last thirty Christmas's.

And Christmas Day had a full moon too! I took those photos very carefully, as I've been known to have mishaps being a lunar lunatic.  lol

                           The furry kids were into staying warm with lazying by the firebox.

The kids take a picture of us...some things never change, look on top of Bill's head! Thanks Nick! lol

The Christmas stockings were a hit! Everyone loved them & they were filled with gifts from Santa & other secret elves. lol

Love & kisses filled the air that morning & even Boris was enjoying his moment with Nicole. lol
It was a great morning...

And the afternoon was even better.

We had our first Christmas bobfire on the beach!

 Reindeer Games! lol

 The whole day was wonderful & the clouds even held a beautiful blue & hue & a hint of mystery in the the cloud formations.

It was a day to be remembered by all!

 Thank you for my Christmas Jim Shore Santa, I love it! His styling inspired the Christmas socks.

We hung up our Christmas stockings & did this group shot on the staircase. What wonderful memories for all.

And on that note I would like to wish you visiting today the very best as we enter into 2016!

Thank you for stopping by & the next post will be about my visit to Sarnia Ontario, a very exciting time for me...

Until tomorrow!

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  1. Looks like your stockings were a hit - congrats, nice that your hard work was appreciated. See you in a couple of weeks,