Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Super Week!

This past week has been super! We had the 'Super Moon' ...

 I did see the eclipse at 1:30 am & never had my camera out or even thought to photograph it.;(
These photos were taken at 7 am & the moon was still beautiful & full.

 It looked lovely over the water.

How perfectly round! It has awed us century after century & the eclipse that happened will not happen for another 30 years...hope to see it again at the age of 88?!

Until then...I've got these photos & memories of this historical event!

Super Rug Hooking Event In Riverview

Ursula & I took the road trip together for this event & turned it into an adventure as we missed the street & kept on driving...I've never made so many U turns as I did that day!

These lovely registering ladies, are taking a break from registering all those rug hookers in the background!

 Door prizes & a ticket basket! I purchased my tickets after registering.

 Those lovely cellophane 'eggs' where locally made maple syrup, Marg won one from our table!

And the other Super Week for me was I won one of the ticket baskets!!!

 Lucky me!! with the last 4 called as 3660, I sighed & said  'How close, I've 3662.' Then the number was called again, oh my... I then realized I had purchased seven tickets in a row & was looking at the last number!! Yes, yes, it was me! Lucky me!!

My basket items~~~~~~~~~

 Orange lanterns for decorating, apple jelly,maple syrup, a book on colour theory, Briggs & Little skeins, bottle, wool pieces in creme, check, oranges, red, & a strip of green with the words, Past Time Matters, from the Rug Hooking & Area Rug Hookers of Moncton.

 Lovely wicker basket...
 A Deanne Fitzpatrick pattern of the "Mixed Farm".

 A flask of 'Happy Elfin' Holidays' I already know who's Christmas stocking this will be going in. lol

 And my favourite item...a necklace of a wooden hand turned rug hook! How precious is this?!!
Yes I sure was lucky to win that ticket basket!

 The orange lanterns are nestled in the the dishes & being the complementary colour to blue, show well as a fall decoration.
                                                            Yes, lucky me, blessed me!

               Nine of us Miramichi Rug Hookers attended this hook-in & what fun we all had!
            The room was just a buzzing with like minded people doing & sharing their talents.

New to me this year was a man (his back to the photo) & two young children joining in the event.
The meal was excellent too!

Here are some of the rugs that caught my eye...

 There were rugs on the table...hooked rugs on the floor...

 Oh yes, Bonar Law. See the barn behind the house, well that's were Rexton the kitten came from!

                                                       A lovely prodded project!

 The day just went too fast & it was time for Ursula & I to head home.
I've changed calling my anxiety of being lost to an 'adventure' much more enjoyable.
We sure did get turned around trying to get home again! Finally in a familiar area, we took the back way that Ursula & her husband George would take, very scenic in the fall.
I'm going to show Bill that way next time we do a Costco run to Moncton. All in all it was a fantastic day & winning the basket made it, super!! :-)

My Thrift Store Super Find!

I found three Wedgewood plates to add to my blue & white transfer ware dish collection. What luck on that day the store had 20% off all purchases. The plates were .50 cents each full price, what luck to take another 20% of of that! Super find!

Some Sewing~~~~~~~~~~~

 I've been sewing pillow cases for the quilt sale. There pillow cases & treat or treat bags on Halloween night! My kids always used their pillow did I. Could it be a tradition out of necessity?! lol
 I made two hangings & hoping only one sells & I don't have to make myself one! lol

Thank you Liz for the pattern & the 'corn' fabric, I finally got mine done!

Grape Jelly Again.................

I asked my friend Donna for some grape vine to decorate with & she offered grapes with that. I made grape jelly several years ago with her grapes & what a hit those jars were!
She helped me pick a bag, that bag weighed 9lbs on my bathroom scales. I needed to know the weight, to work a recipe for the jelly. I made two batches, here's the first.

 The grape colour was just so rich & I added my three bunches off of my our wee grape vine too.

                                 Oh my the colour of grapes sure does a number on the fingers!

 I made a bag to hang the nine pounds of cooked grapes. The real problem came with no upper cabinets in the kitchen. As I looked around, I realized this was a challenge! The oven door was the solution I came up with. I wrapped the handle in plastic wrap & tied the heavy bag to drip for a few hours. I was challenged with keeping the door at just the right height, a wicker side table from the greatroom was added & voila! We now have grape jelly for the winter months ahead!

Thank you for visiting me, to share this super week! I hope you come back again.

And this week is a busy one with the Richibucto Rug Hookers, hosting us for lunch on Thursday( the rain is to stop by lunch that day) & the set up for the quilt show in Miramichi on Friday.
Busy week again!

Miramichi Quilt Show is Saturday 10am - 5 pm & Sunday Noon - 5 pm
Photos to follow!

Have a great week!

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  1. Hi Cynthia, LUV the blue plate - nice find :). Also love your wall hanging - the corn fabric is just perfect. Sounds like you had an adventure and a fun day at the rug hooking event. Isn't it exciting to win the door prize :)