Sunday, September 13, 2015

September Days Begin

The shorter days & cooler nights have really spurred on the fall feeling these days, in north easter New Brunswick. Rain has been hard & heavy this week with some really gusty winds however the weekend has been a beautiful fall weekend.

Remember this 'spring beauty'?

She was all dressed in her spring attire back then...

This is her new head dress, a piece of her dress homespun & a pair of acorns.

She's now ready to sit among all the fall decor & look like she belongs!

Her old crinoline helps to hold the fullness of her new, caramel & chocolate plaid homespun, full skirt out! I trimmed the apron with the same check as her bloomers. She also has remnants of linen string in her headpiece & crocheted ties around her wrist. Marg, at rug hooking, had cut a piece of linen backing for a rug & to put the grain true, she pulls a thread then cuts on that line. Well, you cannot get a stronger piece of thread than one from a linen burlap & it just ties in so well with the fall decor.

More fall decor around the yard----

Bill installed the flag pole hanger on the clothesline pole. I just love it there as I can see it from the kitchen window now!

The bistro set also was moved this week to the otherside of the walkway to be with the old windows.
I call it my bird bistro set as the feeders, one on the window & three metal mesh cups on the table, bring the birds in for their feedings. It really is a lively moving spot! There's even a morning dove that hangs around on the ground! lol

This is the entry to the woods where Bill has been working this week. See his dirt piles ahead?!

My old garden angel was repaired too! She had a rotted wooden stake & would no longer stand upright. Bill replace her stake with a new on & upright she is! Now I need to paint the stick so she looks complete. Thanks Bill she's a lovely greeter at the entrance to the woods.
What shall we call these woods? I'm still thinking...

Everyday when the weather allowed, Bill & Boris would venture into the woods to dig & cut back many a years growth.

He dug a ditch through the width of the woods to connect to the culvert that had been installed under out laneway. This will help with the spring overflow with melting snow & the pond rising & flooding the woods & the yard!
What a job that was & the more he worked on it the more obsessed he became in those

After the digging there was all that cutting of roots that ran through the newly made ditch. Boris was his supervisor or guard dog, you never know what could be lurking t=in the woods. lol

He did chase a rabbit once, it was the rabbits habitat & was gone in a flash!

Boris does not camouflage in these woods, maybe I'll make him a camo sweatshirt for the

This is the man made pond from the 1970's & is the home to many wildlife over the years. We used Dunks in it this year & the mosquito population greatly decreased, making a much more comfortable visit around the yard this summer.

The ditch to the pond stayed dry, even with the heavy rainfall this week. It will do its job this spring with the snow melt when it overflows its banks.

This is the other end of the ditch that goes to the laneway culvert that has a ditch on the otherside that flows back to the beach. Bill made the ditch meander around, so that the view from the laneway doesn't show you the clearing in the woods till you take the walk through the woods. This is really turning out to be quite a lovely place to be. :-)

During a walkabout, we saw this ground bush with bright red berries on it. I have no idea what they are but they sure looked pretty!

And looking up I saw this! Wow how long has that been growing through there?!!
It reminded me of a broken  plane propeller, you never know what you may see in the woods!

So many little pine trees, which will one year be my Christmas tree!

All the adventure with nature, because you walked through the woods on this inviting IKEA plastic mat. I really like it here!

Bill also put black gravel down around the potting shed. Cardboard & plastic were put down first then the gravel, that way there's no weeds coming through for a while!

The hosta plants are really blooming this year. Last year was their first year & I think they were in shock & now are blooming away!
The buds themselves are a beautiful sight!

The asters are loving their spot on the bench & add a warm violet colour.

I made a grapevine wreath for the potting shed & added bright fabric sunflowers. The yellow really does sing next to the Midnight Surf grey siding.

I'm pleased with the exterior of the potting shed & maybe next year will work on the interior. lol

The Home Depot Easter hydrangeas are in bloom again & what a lovely colour they are...again!

The assortment here make going to the composter a pleasant experience. The holes are there to poke a stick through to add air to the pile inside. I liked the look of this composter for the open yard.

The tomatoe plant food  from Miracle Grow, work wonders for petunias!

And tomatoes too!

Boris knows that 'Dog Days of Summer' are over & the cooler temps are head, he like warm summer days in the sun too. This breed of dog, the Boston Terrier is not fond of the cold, nor am I. We're a good pair together. lol

Bill attaching the lawn mower onto the tractor, he does make me nervous with this machine.

All's good, I can now mow again!

If I'm not in the house, Rexton will find a window where she can see me & howl her head off till I go back into the house. I'm hoping that she only does this when she can see me!

Yes this was our yard the first week of June! And now it's fall on the 23rd of September.
Wow, where did the summer go?
They say time goes quickly when your having a good time & what a time it's been!

Thank you for stopping by & have a great week!

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  1. How lucky to have a nice wee woods to wander in at will! Luv the Ikea mat leading the way in - nice touch!! Say hi to Bill for me and give Boris and Rexton a kiss from me. Happy September!