Saturday, March 14, 2015

Mid March & Melting!

Finally the snow in SW Ontario is starting to melt! It's a first this month as we had no January or February thaw this year. I'm so glad this winter is behind as the snow melts away those bone chilling memories. So grey with the dirt from the sand machines but I was thankful on many a walk that dirt was on the ice!
Last year was not my 'upright' year as I fell twice, once on ice resulting in whiplash & then on large stone, damaging my knee cap. This has been a 'good year', touch wood & whistle! :)

I've been putting out rabbits, most of my Easter decor moved last summer with the Christmas decorations, to the east coast. Oh well, everything is going there eventually. Glad this Jim Shore bunny was in my studio! He's one of favourite's, thank you Liz. ;)

 I'm having a frustrating time finding the right shade of white to work on this bell pull that's more of a cat mat these days.
                                                    Rexton spread out, through the hoop!

                                               She's so precious when she's sleeping & still.

 She trips me daily, hourly even. She loves to be under foot & I've stepped on her so many times!

                                                           The 'sleepy - Hula Hoop'!

                                          I tried & tried for the right angle of her as slept...
                       I've had a cat all my life but never one like her, she's more dog than cat.

The wee rabbit is done!

 I never did find the eyes or nose that I wanted for her. I sewed on a nose & used two black beeads for her eyes. I'm probably going to find them now but boy did I find a whole lot of other things looking!

 I found this stuff rabbit from the Dollarstore & made her dolly rabbit a matching dress from the picture of her dress!

                     I shaped her nose to look like a heart, she is a sweetheart rabbit after all!

                                     She also has a co-ordinating little purse for her outfit too.

               The dress has so much body, not as much as Cinderella's however it stands out beautifully!

 She sits better on a pillow. I had a chair for her but there was way too much dress! lol

 Thank you Lou for all that lace you gave me, a lot went into her underlining slip & her crinoline slip! Three tiers of gathered lace & one large tier of gathered crisp crinoline. The whole skirt of the dress was underlined with tulle also. This dress will hold its own for decades to come! lol

Sewing With Friends - I taught Bev & Deb how to make little baskets one morning.

This is Bev's basket.

                                 This is Deb's basket, she has a passion for Oriental fabrics.
                                                            Very nicely done ladies!
Next months class will be on paper piecing - Lynn returns from the south & has already put her request in. Bev your BOM April birdhouses will work for this!

 Wee Konrad has his quilt now & his mom was thrilled with it.
Sweet dreams under your quilt Konrad.

I'm still finishing up some UFO's & that seems to be what a lot of us are doing these days.
We can never say we're bored!! Anxious for spring though.

Quote of the Week

We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars. - Oscar Wilde


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  1. Hi Cynthia, your bunny doll has turned out so well. So much work on the dress alone. I bet you enjoyed every minutes of it.

    The two baskets are lovely. They both did a great job on it.

    Baby Konrad is so precious and his beautiful John Deere quilt will be his favorite for sure and will grow with him.

    Talking about snow, we're in the middle of a blizzard storm today. The wind is howling over the river and the drifts are everywhere. I bundled up to get to the barn to feed the calves. Everything is cancelled today.

    Take care and stay warm.