Monday, March 23, 2015

A Few Of My Favourite Things!

Spring has sprung but the weather has not caught up with the feeling of spring!

 Nicholas took this photo of Tommy watching me type on the laptop. He's such a good old cat & yes I let him up on my sewing table! The sewing table is the antique table that Bill purchased for me last year & it looks so good with Namama's antique chairs!

Here's the table at The Red Door Shoppe, with the center opened. I just love this oval sewing table & so does Tommy. The table sits in front of the bay window but Tommy likes to be close to watch me out of his good eye. lol

 Three of my favourite things... the antique sewing table, Tommy the cat, & hot foamy cappuccino!

 Bill makes me a skim milk cappuccino every weekend he's home! xo ;)

So little sewing this week...

I helped my girlfriend Sandy paint her shop this weekend & 3 1/2 gallons of paint later it was done & wow did it look good! It was a lot of work to work around everything but all painting is done now.

This week, Mitchell's pillow was finished & I'm really pleased with the outcome of this technique. It's tuxedo pleats & boy did it take a lot of fabric to do this. But oh so worth it!
I always find something on the YouTube Missour Star Tutorials that inspires me. I'm so glad that found this one! She does have a way of making things look fast & easy.

 I took his drapery fabric & cut the stripes out, then pressed them in half & sewed them down on another piece of fabric just a  1/2" apart from each coloured strip. This side is going to look great with those drapes!

 The other side is personalized to his hometown of Elnora. He has the wallhanging to match the center. It was the one I made him with the five wolves in it.
When I was there for Christmas it was his bedroom drape, he used a tension rod to keep it in the window! I did make bedroom drapes but haven't gotten a photo to show you on a post yet.

 This was the last pillow I made Mitchell...
With a friendly reminder on the other side! lol It must have worked because he does call me when he's in transit to/from Edmonton or Calgary & we have long wonderful conversations!

It was a busy week as I mentioned & I also attended a London East Rotary luncheon, it was to honour the past presidents. I was their president 2002-2003 & it was great seeing everyone again, over a decade later! wow where does time go?!

Thank you for stopping by & do visit again. I've started working on so yo-yo bunnies & they're more work than I had thought.
I'll have them done for next post... with Palm Sunday this week, Easter is just around the corner! With warmer weather for all of us I hope!!

I laughed when I read this!

Lord Love A Duck --- Alternative To Swearing
So many people use to say that when I was young! And I would remember the story of the ugly duckling & how it would grow up, then turn into a beautiful swan. My elders were alternatively swearing!! lol

Have a great week!


  1. Good morning Cynthia. I just love that sewing table... How cool is that. I've never seen one like that. What a little treasure. It looks like it's become Tommy favorite table too.

    Your pillows are just amazingly beautiful and it's nice seeing them all at the same time. Your son must be so pleased with them. You're so talented.

    I have a confession to make, I've never has a cup of Capuccino in my life. Isn't that lame.... for some unknown reason, it has never appealed to me and I've never bothered to even taste. I feel the same about the Jellatos.
    They sell all kind at our Coop store and they click something in my brain that says, "You wouldn't like it" haha. I'm strange that way... lol... I like just about anything in food but since I'm watching what I eat because of soy avoidance, my mind thinks different. My girls love cappuccino.

    Looking forward to seeing your YoYo bunnies.
    Have a great week.

  2. Love the table - had not seen that before - oh you lucky lady ;)