Monday, January 5, 2015

January Begins With New Beginnings ;)

January has begun & I love the feeling that a 'New Year' gives you, one of hope & the ability to do & be what ever your heart desires.
For me it began when I carried my 44lb suitcase up the front staircase...OMGosh was that heavy, so heavy I never thought I'd make it to the top! After the struggle it hit me!! That's about the number of pounds that I'm over weight! What am I trying to do with myself, create a heart attack?! My grandfather died at the age of 42 of a heart attack & I watch my cholesterol levels annually but the weight that I've gained over the last 25 years...a heart attack waiting to happen carrying all that weight! No wonder my activity levels fall so much at the end of the day, I carry that suit case on my body!!
So what am I going to do about it? Well in 1992 I quit smoking after my 3 year old asked me 'Why do you want to die?' as I would inhale on my cigarette. After 22 years of smoking I awoke one morning & quit...I didn't want to die, as the innocence of that child spoke the truth.
So with that said I'm going through a bit of withdrawal as I dropped 'sugar' out of my diet. I know that I'm addicted to sugar, I love the taste & the good feeling it brings. On January 1st I started day one...then day three, yes just one day at a time. I know I can do it but it will be hard. Some days harder than others but it can be done. No sugar as my life turns the corner, for the better.

How sweet is this photo!

                                                                      Boris & Rexton

                                                           These two are such buddies!

                                              Tommy is glad that Boris has a buddy & maybe he'll stop mounting him but it hasn't made any difference. Oh Boris your quite the character!

Remember Mibsie's wallhanging?

                                                                Mibsie's Wallhanging

                                                     Only two blocks needed!

                                              Patterned Block -  Eight blocks sewn together

 Well, I wanted to do it & I did with my stash of homespun.

 First & foremost here's some hindsight... work your sewing from left to right or you'll be 'unsewing' your mistakes! I did with several of my 2 1/2 X 4 1/2 pieces!!

 I would look & remember - postage stamp to the right, sew to the left. I also make another line to sew 1/2" from the original line to make a miniature block. With 64 light blocks & 64 dark blocks, I'll have 128 mini blocks to play with & no waste of fabric!

                                                   Here's the pile of blocks

 And voila! The finished piece! I'm going to add a couple of borders & use it as a table cloth at the cottage. It was really fun to put together & thank you Nick for helping me do the colour placement.

I also finished hand sewing my wee squirrel & once I had him together he needed something on him....

So I crocheted a tam & scarf.

                                                  This is Boris auditioning it...

                                                        Now it's on the squirrel

And the squirrels now join the trio of mice!


Home reno's begin in 2015

The reno's this year has begun with the upstairs laundry room.

That room was originally the upstairs apartment kitchen so it was only fitting to have it as a laundry room, with the water connection & 220 wattage for the dryer, from the stove that was once there.
Prior to the laundry room it was part of our eldest son's bedroom & the laundry room was in the basement at that time! After having the laundry upstairs after all the kids move out! If I knew then what I know would've been there in the first place!!

                                   The floor is being replaced to a water proof laminate  floor.

                                             Nick & Bill working...Handsome & Handy!

So well your mudding & sanding....

Would you? Could you? Mud the back staircase, so it can be painted?


                                                                                                                                                                                                                Thank You!

After, 1st coat has been painted.

 It looks so much better. The colour is Canadian Tire's ORIGINS Benjamin Moore's Serene  OR488
This paint is excellent & goes on sale often. I've painted with many paints over the years & really endorse this brand.
We used it last year on the lounge & covered a very dark green with this same colour! In two coats it was such a pure light colour.

                                 The morning sun is what your seeing on the left wall.
   It's so much lighter & airy, with just one coat.  I really like it, thank you Bill. XO

This is the first week into 2015 & it's been a product & positive one. I look forward to this year as it unfolds itself to me.

Thank you for stopping by & I hope you too have a year that's to your liking!

Thought for the week...
Would have, could have...just do it! One day at a time!


  1. OMG Cynthia, you kill me with all your renovations, lol. You husband and son are such a team. You are so blessed to have them do all this work and they seem to love doing this kind of work.
    I can only wish. My husband jut like to sit in his lazyBoy and nap.

    I'm still waiting for him to go through all his books and DVDs and junk that are still piled in crates to be put on the library shelves in his den. All my books have been on the shelves the day after painting the room. He's simply hopeless.

    That quilt sounds complicated but gorgeous.

    You must be tall to be 44 pounds over weight as you sure don't look it.

    I'm sure that you can do what ever you put your mind to. Good luck with this.

    I just love how those two furry friends have bonded.

    I've been sick for 5 days and I'm just back to normal today.

    Happy New Year Cynthia.
    I can't wait to see what you'll accomplish in 2015.

  2. Cynthia - your version of Mib's quilt is beautiful! COngrats on going sugarless - to paraphrase Kipling, you're a better woman than I ! And what else can I say, another renovation ?!

  3. Oh you lucky girl to be in Florida. Even if it's cool it's better than -27°C. OMG i't's cold today. All my water pipes were frozen and it took me a bundle of time to get everything thawed. I just got back home from the barn at 9:45 Am and I started work around 5:30Am this morning. All the water bowl and buckets were frozen and my fingers and toes too.

    The guys in the photo next to me are tall. Joe on the right side of the photo is 6' 6'' I' and I'm 5' 2'' or at least used to be 5' 2'', haha.

    Enjoy your quick trip to the South.
    Stay warm.