Sunday, November 9, 2014

November Begins...

Well with the beginning of November, my migration is done for this year. I've lived in the woods next to the water for 6 months & now I'm back in a 370,000 populated city. Oh my.

 This was the last sunset I saw from the east. Since I've been back in southwestern Ontario, it's been overcast, rainy & cold. I'm hoping to feel the sun this week as gardening needs to be done. 

 This all fit in my Ford Escape! Yes even Boris!
 The cat cage, with old Tommy & young Rexton. Rexton was made to travel!! She settled the fastest out of the three pets & never had car sickness. Tommy however had a bit of a hard time with the twisting & ups & downs on the Plaster Rock highway & did projectile vomiting through the cage & onto the beige leather seats & door!! It would be Grand Falls before we'd stop & clean the best I could. Today it was with brushes & disinfecting soap, just one of the many joys of pets! lol
 Boris was looking for his supper among the grocery section. lol
 That's the cat's bin Boris!

 So much to put away & organize again. I was upset when I went to make a cup of tea & couldn't remember where the tea bags were! The kitchen here is so different then the 'pantry kitchen' at the cottage.

 Boris & Rexton settled right in. Tommy was outside for most of the time checking things out & getting his land legs from the long drive.

 These two just flipped flopped on the floor.


 Surprises from friends!

 My very talented girlfriend Deb, painted this picture for me for my birthday...

 My stitching talented girlfriend Bev, hand appliqued this fall wall hanging for me! :)
 Her stitches are what I strive to achieve.

 Her stitching is always just perfect!

 My girlfriend Lynn made me this sweet Mrs. Squirrel pincushion!

 How sweet is she?! Lynn did not know my story of squirrel, nor do you. Here it is.

As many of you know back in April 2004, I saved a 5 day old squirrel & I've had him for 10 years. Well I was away my neighbour Pat was feeding him a apple & as she opened the cage he darted out. She left the door open as he has returned in the past. Squirrel never returned, that was a week before Thanksgiving Day.
It's been sad for me losing Bose after having her 16 years & now Squirrel. I keep waiting for the 'third one' I'm hoping it's a mouse in a snap trap!

 I finished sewing the binding on the Cabin Fever quilt.
 It kept me warm on the drive as I sewed the binding on.

 This little project of 1 1/2" hexi's came out wonky but I going to finish the black edging & will use it as a place-mat.

Rexton just loves being Boris.

 The two are together always....

Gone! To sleep, how sweet are they?!

Rexton has become quite the handful of making me fretful...
See how the mezzanine looks & then...

 There she is! She loves being high up...

Peeking out of the highest spots!

She walks the top rail, that takes my breathe away, then stops at the handrail & grooms herself!

Well something new has happened to her now, she's in her first heat!!

I've met my new neighbour & he has a 8 month old Bengal, very handsome cat. I've got a pretty little 5 month old Manx...

Maybe Mangals????

Bill said NO!!

I phoned the vet to have her spayed but will have to wait two weeks before anything can be done as she's in heat right now. Oh the howling she does in the middle of the night. lol

Look what I found at Micheal's, on a trip out with Liz!!

 Does she look familiar?!!

What were the odds, even with green eyes?!

Rexton sure has been a special addition to our family.

Thought for the day.

80% of success comes from just being there!


  1. Hi Cynthia, I love reading about your adventures with Rexton being in heat, lol... I can hear the howling in my imagination. Aww... Mangels would have been cute, lol...

    You have such wonderful crafty friends who just adore you. Such lovely gifts. I bet they missed you a lot and are glad to see you're back in Ontario.

    It's amazing what you can stuff in your vehicle for the long trip. I just love seeing Boris and Rexton sharing a bed. It's so cute. Rexton is definitely an agile cat.

    Cynthia, can you believe that I got another calf yesterday morning... yes mam, one more mouth to feed, lol.

    Take care and stay warm. Can you believe it's -4 C. here this morning.

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  3. Welcome back and happy belated Bday :). Sorry to hear about Mr Squirrel :(. Looking forward to seeing you on the 27th @ your place .....