Monday, October 27, 2014

October's End :-(

 October is coming to an end. The leaves have left their branches from the last windy day & the houses have their heat on & wood fires burning to take the chill out of the air.
Everyone is cozy inside these windy wet days.

 Rexton has taken over all the warm spots. I watch her do her wrestling with Boris or Tommy till they leave their warm & she takes it over! The orange blanket is Boris' & she's put him to the other end of the couch! lol

 Rexton has really come into her own over the past few months.
 And has grown larger weekly...
 It's those hind legs that fascinate me...
 They're longer than her front legs.
 That is a characteristic of the Manx cat.
 Boris couldn't care less & often gives me the look of 'Why do we have her?'

 When she sleeps, she never stays in the same position for long.

 Tommy has been losing sleep with her 'surprise pounces'!
 His ears are down with annoyance of our new furry family member. I can just hear him saying how he hates kittens, they're to playful for their own good. He is such a laid back & affectionate mature 15 year old cat.

 She cozy's up with Tommy too...
 But only if he's asleep first! She seems to like the orange blanket.
 I was amazed that she watches the weather network! Yes the kitten watches TV!!

Rug Hooking Project

When I was in Riverview for the hook in, there was a woman hooking sweet little chickadees. She told me she found them on Pininterest & to Google Chickadee rug hooked ornaments & voila!! There they were. So with pen in hand I drew what I saw & here it is.

 These adorable Chickadee's will grace Mitchell's 1st Christmas tree in Elnora Alberta.
I was delighted to find out that this is the provincial bird for New Brunswick!

 I use freezer paper to make my patterns, it can be used over & over again. You just draw & cut out the figure then hit it with a hot iron & draw around it. Repeat as many times as the freezer paper will let you, several for sure! Then I stitched around the outline to stop any fraying as this will be cut out & turned under with a felt silhouette glued to the back & a hanger between the front & back.

 Love the Briggs & Little yarn that I purchased at the Dollar Store in Chatham NB, I will rug hook thesefor the Chickadee's colours.

 I'm so grateful that she's asleep as she grabs yarn with her teeth & runs with it!
 Boris finally gets to sleep under his blanket. lol
I've gotten two done so far & think that this will make a good car project for the ride back to Ontario.
Oh that 'sit stay' day...all day for 15 - 16 hours.

Isn't Rexton sweet, she's such a lovely kitten & I think she's growing on Boris. He's such a good nurtured dog, he shares & plays well with others. lol

 She's on-top of his warm cozy body.
 She sure moves around a lot...just watch this series of movement!!

 Peaceful Awe! Then out of their covers...

 Notice how no one is going to leave that wicker basket!

 Yawning, someone's getting tired,  Boris is sleeping!

 Toss & turn, blankets are back on. Boris sleeps best under his covers!

 Boris is still in the basket, under the covers. I find life with these furry kids so entertaining!

Curtain switch...

 The great room curtains are now in the kitchen...

 After a 13" hemming, they look great with the cherry wood colouring & the blue/white dishes pop with the complimentary colour of orange.

 Then the kitchen curtains went to the great room. They too needed a hemming to fit inside the window. The other curtains drove my eyes crazy, I needed a neutral backdrop in that room.
 And with the west setting summer sun, the blackout lining is going to be great!

 The look has a real cottage feel.

 This is where Tommy was sleeping till Rexton jumped on his head & made him move!
 She likes her spots warmed up for her sleeps.
Never a dull moment with this one!

We've had a lot of rain lately but after this afternoons rain...

 This was tonights sunset!

 Beautiful pink,white, & blue sky.

 The water is cold & dull but that sky!

 Just another reason why I love being here!

Thank you for stopping by the east coast & here's a thought for the day.

Sometimes, you just need to be alone
Not to be lonely,
Just to enjoy time being you.

Smile!! Happy Halloween ---


  1. Life is never dull at your place with Boris , Tommy and Rexton. Boris seems to be saying "Mommy, make Rexton go sleep somewhere else. She is disturbing my sleep" lol...

    Your chickadees will look nice on Michael's tree. I have them at my feeder every day. They take a seed and fly away only to return for more.

    Hard to believe October is gone already. We had sunshine yesterday and windy but I got some tall branches trimmed off the fur hedge, Still lot more to do but it won't look so ragged. The hedge has been grossly neglected in the last 5 years as the neighbour who used to clip the hedge moved after a stroke and my son bought the house. Clipping the hedge is not in his schedule.

    Switching the curtains seem to be working fantastic. I love that the pillows are made with the same fabric for the custom look. A very cosy place, too bad you have to leave the cottage so soon.

    You know something, I love being alone too. I love people but I also love spending some alone time. It's always so busy at my house. My husband needs people around him all the time and love going out. In the evening, I just want to stay home.

    Love the Halloween cat, she looks like she has that scary Halloween look. lol...
    Have a great week Cynthia.

  2. Summer went way too fast, I missed it all so be prepared for a busy summer next year, I should be well rested by then.
    Have a safe trip home & I will keep in touch here at your blog,

  3. Cynthia, thanks for letting me know you made it safely home in record time and escaped the snow.
    Our ground is white and I just finished clipping the fir hedge in time before the snow and rain... Last year I finished clipping it on November 28th. I'm glad I was ahead this year. I never even took time to take the before and after photos this year.

    I hope you take time for a little rest before you go full steam ahead again.