Saturday, March 29, 2014

Memory Relapse

This has been one of 'those moments' that I will not forget too soon!

Sandy & I were on a fun girlfriend day & the day after I was filling in my purchases in my spending book ( Gail V. from Debt Do Us Part, started me doing this habit) when I looked at the receipt there was an item of 5 hooks,  'what did I buy as 5 hooks, that cost me $16??' I racked my brains out trying to remember but the only thing I could remember was I lost my white knit tam in that antique mall.

I called Sandy at work & asked her 'what else did I buy?', she could not remember either!
So I called the Antique Mall to find out they did find my tam! & didn't know what I had purchased other than 5 hooks as stated on the invoice.

Lucky for me Bill was home & enjoys touring with me, so off to Strathroy we went to retrieve my tam & to solve this mystery of the 5 hooks.
I asked what booth I had purchased the '5 hooks' & went to see if I could remember, well I wasn't in the booth for long when ... OH YES!!! the antique rug hooks!! I forgot to even include them in the last post too!
Here are those beauties that I had forgotten about. Oh my, good memory, just not long! lol

 These two had the wooden handles & I was familiar with them...

 This one puzzled me...
 Till I pulled it out to find three very small hooks. What would something this small be used for?

The fun of the find was when I was leaving,  in a locked glass cabinet I found this hand carved Scottie, look at the detailing in fur & the wee collar.

Such a sweet face too!

I'm going back to my daily SUDOKU again, how frustrating when you just cannot remember something that you'd done & had no memory of it! This memory relapse has been embarrassing/frustrating too! Rug hooks!! Who would have thought! LOL


  1. Aww, the memory laps, I've had plenty of those when I was in pre- menopause. Your memory will return.

    I wonder if those little hooks are for tatting!!! Great find on that little hand carved Scottie. So funny about not remembering that you had bought 5 hooks. No wonder you couldn't remember the 5 hooks, three of them are so tiny.

    We are still in winter mode here with lots of freezing rain. I hope that April will bring some warmer weather. Stay safe.

  2. Cynthia , the small three hooks look like felting needles do they have tiny barbs on them, I use something like that for needle felting... Love the old hooks, bet they could tell a story..
    Looking forward to seeing you , bet it was some nasty down at the cottage these last couple of days.....

  3. So it's not just me - Phew! Welcome to the "Forgetters Club" ;)