Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Antique Finds & Girlfriends

The past week has been one of fun with girlfriends & antique shopping.
I love to view all the past through viewing antiques...what's getting to familiar is me voicing 'Oh we had that'. I guess I like to look back at 'those good old days'. lol
So much more simple without all the technology, even today as I phoned for my hair appointment the stylist had to say wait till I get downstairs to write your appointment in the book. How did we manage with the phone attached to a cord...I know you were lucky if you had a long cord & that too would be stretched out as far as possible for mobility! lol
The first trip was with Deb & Bev at the One of A Kind Antique Shop in Woodstock, what fun we had viewing everything!

 With Easter coming & the arrival of Aunt Alice from Montreal coming for Easter, I've been thinking of all the Easter Decorating I could do. After seeing two vintage rabbit napkin rings, Deb found me two more on another floor! The Woodstock shop has three full floors of goods, I've still not made it to the third floor! How sweet are these bunnies that will grace our table.

 This brass beauty will be put away for Christmas, it has such a lovely ring to it too!

 My pie bird is no longer alone, I found a white one! It's just like the one I broke, I'll be more careful this time.

Then in booth #800 I saw in a locked cabinet this wee beauty. I asked to view her outside the case but the key that was left for that booth did not work. So I had to leave without her, I left my name & phone number & on the weekend Bill took me back to Woodstock to retrieve her for my own. She's going to go so well with the Civil War quilts & accessories I plan on making.
How sweet is she?!!


Then it was time to get focused again & to get Mitchell's quilt off the rug so Bill & Nicholas could move furniture back into the room.
I sewed what felt like all day piecing the rows together.

The center & the outer sash are all together now. The outer border has been laid down but the top & bottom are short by inches, so now I have to get creative for the filler. I'm thinking 1/2 square triangles done vertically. Pictures to follow in the next post.
Here's a sampling of my creativity to fill two missing blocks for the 6" square. Mitchell loves the east coast so I put two tall ships in. This block took 36 pieces to fill in the 6" square to create the tall ship!!

This is the backing that I'm going to use. I got a little carried away with the size of the quilt by adding the sashing & borders to it. The fabric I planned on using was just not enough...for this quilt size. With the black batik binding I think the whole quilt, front & back will be stunning, in a masculine kind of way!


More antique shopping, this time at the Strathroy Antique Mall with Sandy. We drove through a snow stream to get there! I'm really getting tiered of all this snow. I know the east coast is getting slammed again today with wind & snow!! Everyone will be so glad when this long wintry season is just a memory.

 I came upon this vintage lace from Eaton's - Oh how I loved that department store back in the 60's & 70's!
This bundle was with it too, I think I'm going to use it with my Civil War fabrics somehow.
 Here's a close up of the quality work done then, so hard to find these days.

Sandy found this anchor doorknocker! How perfect on a door at the east coast cottage.

Well the borders need to be sewn on Mitchell's quilt, enough procrastination.

Hope you enjoyed viewing things from the past.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, today is a gift!
Enjoy your day!


  1. I love that last quote, so true...... and I love your antique finds. The quilt looks stunning and your creativity has no boundaries.

    I'm dating myself but I remember I had a plaster head doll when I was just a little girl and my older brother took the doll away from me and climbed the stirs and dropped her from on high and the head got smashed to pieces. I don't remember crying but I probably did...

    We had a big storm yesterday and now are digging out. The wind has died down a bit and the sky is blue and sunny.
    Stay safe and warm.

  2. Sounds like you ladies had fun! I've yet to get to the Woodstock antique store .... one of these days !