Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Love of Black & White

You will see my love of black & white in this post!
 You have to love this guy! He's only missing his bow-tie, so handsome in black & white!


The baby quilt as requested by Bill.

 The baby in China was born, Luca is a 8lb  baby boy & was born at the end of December. Bill leaves for China a couple weeks so...the wee quilt top is done!
 I've had this fabric in my stash for years & what a joy it was to use it up! I hope baby Luca likes the colour too. I'm washing the flannel backing as I type so I'll post a photo of my quilting of this quilt later...after it has its binding attached. :-)

Now that mystery quilt...

I've had this Serenity Prayer fat 1/4 since 2007. The black & white collection was being saved just for these words to be made into a quilt. Voila! It has now happened.

 I needed to make the flying geese border to fit into the spot that I took the four squares out of.
I did the in life as the design next to these encouraging words.

 Here is the quilt center, I've still to do the black sashing & border edging.

 Once it has the rest of the design, I'll show it again.

 This saying has been with me for many decades as I've battled a few demons of my own.
Then the saying...'It is what it is' has done my mind good too. The Wisdom to Know the difference. I just love it when things come together & I've always had the feeling that 2014 was going to be that year!

 How's this for a backing...
 I'm loving the zebras! I purchased this in Miramichi a few years ago when Walmart was getting out of the fabric selling, quiet pleased at $5 a meter.
 I was going for a black sashing & the checkered flag border. I think the border will give it a 'racer's edge'. NASCAR starts again next month in Daytona.

Remnants from the quilt were put into as many pieces as I could dream up!

 Block one
 Block Two
 Block Three
 These will be Chinese Coins, with a black sashing in between. Then I'll join all of them in a quilt-as-you-go topper for the top of a shelf.

 After tidying up...I found more left over 2 1/2" blocks. I'll make these into something for my kitchen.

 This is my garbage catch you can see in this little 2 liter box it really has to be unuseable. Bill & Nick made a big deal that I finally through out fabric, as the watched me empty this container full of shredded garbage. Well I've came across this saying & I'm going to start to incorporate it into a design to hang up. I just love this saying...

We've become such a disposable society & up-cycling & recycling have really got to be the millennium's moto.
 Make fun if you will...but I do get enjoyment from taking nothing & making something!

Well that is it ...for the 'Black & White' of it all. Enjoy your day!


  1. Hi Cynthia, what a busy sewer you are. It must be time to oil that sewing machine, lol...
    Boris is such a handsome boy. You need to save up some black fabric for a bow tie for him.

    Luca is a lucky baby to receive this nice baby quilt. The quilt is adorable.

    I love the Serenity Prayer, it's one of my favorite. How lucky to get such nice fabric and the tessellated Zebra fabric is gorgeous. I just wish I had spare time to sew as much as you do. I'm with you with the recycling. We are indeed a disposable society except hoarders, lol...

    I hope that you had a lovely Christmas and New Year. I had a splendid Christmas and a quiet New Year. The rest of the family partied on till the wee hours of the new year at my daughter's place.

    We were in a deep freeze for two solid days and pipes and water bowls in my end of the barn were frozen so I work long hours there in the cold. We even had a new born calf and I had to put a calf jacket to keep him warm.

    It's supposed to warm up some for a while. I usually don't mind winters but this year , it's challenging.
    My daughter Nicole from Scotland had her flight to Toronto cancelled because of the cold mess at the Toronto airport. She flew in today but is missing her connecting flight to Glasgow Scotland and is flying to another destination and will connect either by plane or train.

    The last Christmas she was here, she was stranded for 5 days at home before she could fly.

    Take care and stay warm.