Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Antique Finds

It has been so cold here this winter but I'm having a fun time with my girlfriends. Yesterday I spent the morning with Bev & Lynn stitching & laughing & having such a good time. Then in the afternoon I met with Sandy, had lunch & went antique shopping.
Oh the fun of looking at things from days gone by! Speaking of days gone by...remember the 1881 Singer sewing machine Bill bought me for Christmas? Well the needles ordered from eBay have arrived. They're in the original wooden case, two cases with three needles in each case.

 I thought it funny that your instructed to buy a new 'shuttle' if the stitches the first thing you do is check your upper & lower tension.
Bill is cleaning the machine very carefully removing & cleaning all the parts. I can't wait to have the machine back together to give it a try.
I was at the London Friendship Quilting Guild this month with Paulette & the show & share time was stimulating & informative. Linda showed a paper pieced quilt that she did with her hand cranked antique machine & made comment on how easy it was to control her stitching with the crank...I'm going to give that technique a try in the future.

Back to my antique finds...

I've been looking for this doorstop for a long time! I first saw it at the Christie Antique Show in Dundas ON but it was way too expensive. I've been watching it on eBay too...again way too expensive. Yesterday was a great day, I found it just less than 1/3rd the price & it has its original paint too!!

 Here is the Boston Terrier door-stopper I now have. :-)

 His face & body do have a few chips of character on them.

 I also found a lone egg cup that has now joined several more to the Friendly Village collection. I enjoy that set of dishes & built on it when I can. I smile to think that I started out with only three dinner plates that I found in the basement of this 1916 house, back in 1985.

And a ceramic Boston Terrier.

It was oh so shiny after being washed & dried! Just like Boris after his bath. lol

 And... this bird that you place in the middle of a pie to release the stream from within. I had a white one that I purchased at Regal years ago. It broke after falling on the kitchen stone floor. So this find was one that put a smile on my face & I'll be making Bill a yummy apple/cranberry pie when he returns home from China next week.

 See the hole in the center of the beak, that's where the steam releases,  how cool is that!

 Oh but this, heavy cast iron, door-stop made my day!

 I just love it!   There was another one too, it had been painted  a bright was more expensive. I really like the look of this one with its original paint!

It will be one of my treasures for years to come & Sandy thanks for your keen eye! Friends, they're so much fun because unlike get to pick them!!

Thanks for stopping by for a visit & have yourself a great day!


  1. Sounds like you are getting the winter in very nicely
    I am almost finished in my new Studio" an other day of painting, then to put things in their place.... thanks for the idea, seeing your studio this summer inspired me .... then there is no stopping me ....

  2. I'm glad that you had such great finds like this antique Boston Terrier door stop. Patience is the key here and luck too I suppose.

    I'm less fancy than you , I use a paper funnel in my pies to let out steam. A trick my mother showed me when she was living.

    I love the egg cup. I hope that you can fine more pieces to complete your set of dishes.

    That's an old sewing machine andI bet a lot of history. I'm glad that you found some needles in their original package.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I appreciate it very much. I'm about one third done on whipping and binding the edges. It's a slower process than a straight edge but I'm in no rush. i only work on it in the evening until my neck hurts. lol.
    It looks like the blizzard has missed us. I just hope...