Monday, November 4, 2013

Ontario Bound - Deer in the Cemetery

Summer has come to an end with Fall upon us, the days are getting short of daylight. Time to head back to Ontario. My bags are packed & I'm not ready to go but winter is going to rear its ugly head soon.

 Bill & Boris are waiting for me to get everything together...there's so much to organize for this full day in car trip to Ontario.
 The cats, Bose & Tommy, are crated & meowing. I'm hoping that the bags around them will muffle their's going to be a very long trip if the meowing dual howl through the trip.
 Everything is in & it's packed to the ceiling. Oh my! I'm amazed that Bill got everything in!
 And he still had room left for me & himself!!
 And I know that made him happy. LOL
 This is where Boris stays, at my feet, for the entire trip. He only gets out when we stop for gas & then back in at my feet on his blanket. He's such a great traveler, this is his 10th trip traveling the distance!

And we made it back in 14 1/2 hours. It was different seeing Plaster Rock in the daylight, I'm still amazed that the road is classified as a highway. You must travel it to know what I mean & I'm told that it's been made 'much better than it use to be'.

 Bill brought everything in & I said it looked good for organizing...he said the rest was in the livingroom.
 Oh my, there was a lot of stuff to put away...
 Things were piled everywhere!
 The wooden flooring & baseboards were still stored in the living room, I forgot about that project from last year.

Bill & I were out doing errands & he thought we would look for 'Osage balls' for Christmas decorating from a bush in the cemetery. Well to our amazement the cemetery was full of beautiful deer out walking around, we counted six.

 One walking & one lying down taking in the afternoon sun.
 It was like seeing Santa's reindeer! LOL

 How sweet is this little guy.
 It was an awe moment for both of us & real pleasant surprise.
 The deer just moved around & never took much notice to us in the car.

 How majestic to view these beauties.

What a perfect afternoon Bill & I had in the cemetery. We remembered the family & friends buried there & how much we missed them but the awesome surprise of deer made the afternoon full of smiles for both of us. We never did find the Osage bush.

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