Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Oops Forgot The Foyer Ceiling

I forgot to blog about the wallpapering of the foyer ceiling. Bill & I took on the project of wallpapering my office ceiling in the 90's. What a fantastic look you can add & this wallpaper hides a multitude of sins! It can be bought at most big box stores now & it usually comes from England. You can leave it white or paint a colour on it.
 November 2012 before shot of the foyer ceiling & great room.
Before corner shot...
And the textured after! :-)
 We tried to run the length of the foyer...don't do it! The wallpaper became tissue thin & started to tip at many of the edges, so Bill cut it in half to have more manageable pieces to work over his head.

 The only flaw that came through was the paper joining the seams of drywall, you only see it in certain lighting conditions though.

Voila!! Stepping away from the project, it looks so much better than before. I just love the texture of what looks like a tin ceiling. This cottage has come a long way in the last three months with only two months left to do some major work. Facca & Soffit quotes are still coming in, the seamless eves trough after that...then the tree stumps removed from the front so the foundation can be dug up & a membrane put around the foundation & then the weeping tile to be installed. What a summer this has been, next summer is going to be sew in's & hook in's & more play than work. It's been interesting seeing all the progress to this old house/cottage. It is very beautiful here.
Next month I start my painting class & I hope to one day be able to paint what I feel with this place.

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