Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Myers Day Camp

Every August Myer's United Church hosts a Day Camp for the local children. Each year Jean organizes a theme for the day, this year was 'The Fruits Of The Spirit'. Heather, Louisanne, Ivan, & myself helped Jean get this day underway as there was 16 assorted aged children to organize. Jean is a retired school teacher & keeps us organized, she had a itinerary written out for the day 9am-3pm. Ivan started the day with songs, he did several sing songs with everyone & even taught sign language to Jesus Loves Me!

Then the Fruits of the Spirit began. In the isles, paper was placed to have a worry free craft time...

 Heather talking with her group as they waited.

 Brookelynn, Anna, Katherine were in my group & waited patiently for 'the fruits' to begin.

Fruit was handed out, nine different fruits to represent the nine different spirits that we should posses.
Jean told the children if all these were used - there would be no more bullying.

1 - JOY - kiwi
2 - LOVE - grapes
3 - FAITHFULNESS - peaches
4 - PATIENCE - grapes
5 - KINDNESS -pineapple
6 - PEACE - blueberries
7 - SELF CONTROL - strawberries
8 - GOODNESS - green grapes
9 - GENTLENESS - orange

 Here are 'the beasts' that we made...
                                      Fruits Of The Spirit, eyes & mouth are raisins.
 The kids then could then eat their creations as their morning snack.
 After lunch the craft was then a banner/necklace with the 'fruits of the spirit' theme continuing.
 Craft tables were set up in the aisle
 Ivan & Jean give the craft instruction on stringing their necklace/banner
 Heather & Louisanne having a quiet moment...
 While the aisle filled with the creative activity.
 Voila! here it is the finished.

 And worn!

 Hard at work & finished ones too, to be admired!

Now some quiet time...
 The adults are the only ones standing as Ivan talked to them as they had a lie down in the pews & floor. Look at the paper in the aisle, it was a busy time! lol

Then a sing song & ice cream cones to finish the day!

 What a fun day had by all in Hardwicke! Next week they'll all be back to school & the routine of the school year begins again. God bless them all.


  1. It looks like the kids did learned about the fruits of the Spirit through fun crafts.
    Thanks for sharing.

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