Sunday, September 16, 2012

F's - Friends, Finds, Fun, &... Fabric!

I would put Family into it - however I'm the only sewer & fabric lover in my family! They're mostly knitters, race car lovers or computer people.
This week has been so much fun having Liz, my girlfriend from the London area, visit with me for several days. Here are just some of our adventures.

 On our trip to Fredericton to visit with Liz's grandson Kenzie from Regina, who is attending Fredericton University this year,we arrived quite early (due to my race car driving tendencies) So a walk about was in order to get the aches & pains out of our hips and look what we found! A quilt shop called Country Crafts And Curtains!! Liz & I were both in such delight, into it went & wow! Have a look yourself at her blog - If your in Fredericton it's worth the visit. ;-)
 It was a very small, jammed packed with all kinds of quilting supplies & yes as the sign said curtains & a heritage paint collection to choose from too. Liz & I were cheerfully greeted by Dianne & her daughter Holly & were encouraged to feel at home and look at the many things that interested us.
 Items were hung right right to the ceiling, in front is the paper pieced pattern Liz bought, quite the challenge ahead of her this winter.
 Dianne, cutting my pumpkin coloured Thimbleberry fabric
 Another customer was being served by Holly & still another customer came in. A young male interested in  getting the pricing on making his first born a blanket. We were all made welcomed, in this cozy shop & were catered to, each & everyone of us. As we all did our own visual take on what caught our attention & held our interest, we made our choice purchases.

 Liz with grandson Kenzie, in front of his new home. Both Liz & I loved the hydrangea bushes that graced the entry way to the porch. Kenzie walked us downtown, he had made a lunch reservation for us at a wonderful bistro type restaurant called The Palette. And a good thing too that we had reservations! it was packed & people waiting outside the door. After tasting the excellent fresh made food, with visual presentation...we knew why.:-P ~~ Thank you Kenzie!
 Kenzie taking our photo, with our sunglasses on...
 With our sunglasses off & ready to drive back to Baie-Sainte-Anne.
Here our my purchases and look my flowers, after a week they're still a thing of beauty. I was thrilled to find a Primitive Gatherings fall tablerunner & I'm going to try my hand at 'punch needle' hooking this winter.
I always tell myself, no more fabric, as Namama would say "The flesh is weak!" and yes I bought a bit of pumpkin coloured fabric and a 50% off kit. Oh the finds we found that afternoon, what fun!
It's going to be a quiet week without you Liz, thank you for flying in & visiting me on the east coast.
As The Beverley Hillbillies would say "You all come back hear!"

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  1. So glad that you and your friend found the fabric shop here in Fredericton.
    I don't do much sewing anymore but years ago, I was pretty well tied down to my sewing machine and sewed everything.

    Now you peaked my curiosity and I must check up the place sometimes.