Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall Begins...

The family will arrive at the cottage in less than a week now, so I'm doing some form of baking every other day now. Today it was date squares for my husband Bill & son Mitchell...tomorrow it's the carrot cake, everything goes into the freezer, till their safe arrival here. I want to spend time with them, not in the kitchen  preparing the meals & yummies.                            


 Then there's that other obsession of mine that I try to fit into my day & this sign says it all! LOL

 And quilting is nearly done on this piece, maybe another 2 hours left in the machine quilting around the embroidery. All the embroidery piece is hand quilted & I'm surprised how many hours are involved in doing this small piece!

 It fits smartly inside the bookshelf, nice warm fall colours to the livingroom. It is up to the ceiling too! Small cottage here, cozy though.
 The rug is growing with the rounds of colour. On the way to the Lions Club yesterday I noticed how the trees looked like the colours I was working on the rug. Fall is everywhere & I just love the feeling that comes with these days and the beautiful blue skies.
 Fall decor is now hung on the door.


 Look at my 'finds' that I purchased for Christmas gifts. They're a bird feeder/house! The house is his face & the feeders are behind his ears. What characters they are!

 Sweet birdhouse, Home Tweet Home!

 Another 'Crazy Man' birdhouse/feeder. There were also houses that were made as a cat, dog, owl, & an eagle. That Eric Carroll, is a very talented man. The cottage that I summer in is also from the Carroll family, I must ask if they're related.

 The mouth is the homes opening, so much personality in these creations!


 Sobeys grocery store had these dried decors from Rodney Ontario, so close to my home & they came all the way out east! Now gracing my upstairs hallway.

More of Sobeys decor purchases, I love the floral shop there. Yes I did get groceries after this sidetrack of colour & decor.
Fall is now here and the days are beautiful!

 Enjoy your fall days everyone & have a safe, happy, healthy Thanksgivings everyone!

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