Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lucy's Bumble Bee Outfit

This week was my mom's 80th birthday & I took her to one of her favourite spots, Mary Maxim in Paris ON. It was there that I found a crochet book of outfits for the goose, I saw the bumble bee outfit & had to do it.
Too cute, she really stands out in her bright yellow & black outfit. The wings are not done yet as I'm more of a knitter than a crocheter & have a girlfriend coming over this week to help teach me how to read the pattern  to make the bumble bee wings. With wings that should complete Lucy's outfit. Summer...bring it on!


  1. Lucky goose, she sure need a sweater in this cold weather. Cute. JB

  2. If I was still there I would do the wings for you. Very cute.

    Elizabeth is in another time zone compared to the rest of us, so I've put a photo of her lovely quilt on my blog for you to see.
    Just ignore the ugly hospital bed frame - yes the honours dorm is actually a converted hospital, but at least she has a private room and bathroom.

  3. She needs more than just wings, her headband needs feelers (antlers?) ;)

  4. Opps! I take it all back, on second look she has feelers! Yeah!