Monday, September 26, 2011

My Three Sons

My Three Sons...I loved that show with Fred Murray. Here are mine, I call them Adam, Hoss & Little Joe -- or Simone, Theodore, & Alvin. It gets a chuckle from people that ask if I've any kids, I reply a daughter & 3 sons...each with their own personality. I love them all xoxoxoxo

This weekend they took their dad go-cart racing in Hamilton, I was nervous as they're all competitive. Just bruises have been reported to me. I told the boys if any harm came to their father--they would answer to me ;-) like I said, just bruises. Could that be Dave Sullivan or Ben Cartwright with them. I am blessed with the males that surround me -- some days more than others LOL


  1. I love it that all your boys love playing with toys. They are all so handsome too (not that I'm biased as a sister and aunt :-)

  2. Your boys all have great smiles and their dad too. Boys will be boys and I guess moms will be moms. Have a great week. JB