Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hooked on Rug Hooking

It's starting to get easier...on to the next dog. Someone said I was going to bore with the colour, once the next dog is done I`ll be glad to see another colour added. I`m enjoying the process of this rug hooking, a little messy though. I know why we wear aprons to hook & I have to vacuum my work space when working at home.
I made a little sewing bag for just my hooking things, also some pincushions fro some scrap material. My wee sewing bag coordinates beautifully with the vintage wicker basket that holds my materials for hooking. Back to a day with the Miramichi Hookers on Thursday & hopefully I have done an OK job with the hooking so far.  


  1. Does this mean you are now a happy hooker???

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you aren't too wet and chilly so you can enjoy the day.