Saturday, February 5, 2011

The N- Snowman Quilt Block is now done!

I was embroidering in airports & free time on this last Florida trip & now have over half of the alphabet done, it was a good feeling doing the mittens on M...the official 1/2 way mark!!

Florida was a simulating trip to the new Dali Museum, Salvador Dali was a genius & an artist way before his time. If you ever have the chance to take a toured viewing of this gallery, it's well worth the time & money, a memory for a life time! The history of the new museum is stunning too. If any of the glass triangles should shatter upon a hurricane, steel doors come down creating a concrete vault for all the artwork within... WOW, the photo shows the staircase, done to accent his fascination of the DNA strand.

This trip was full of history, we also visited Henry Flagler's summer mansion in Palm Beach, it was beautiful. The ground work was stunning. Bill & I are at the roots of this kapok tree, it has to be hundreds of years old. I have many photos of this living history of Florida.

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  1. I love your embroidered alphabet blocks! This will be a great quilt. I can hardly wait to see the finished quilt!