Friday, February 16, 2018

Mid February Already!

This month is just flying by!
And I've been daydreaming about spring. You get a few days that the sun shines on you & the air is warm & pouffe! Your thinking of spring & ignoring that it's still wintering with snow all around you.

 I made this basket with 2 1/2" strips that remind me of spring! I've had these leftover strips & when I watched the tutorial on Youtube on this basket, they called in the Camden Bowl.
OK, frustrating but I did manage to get the pattern tutorial copied into my last post AND the next post! lol   I'm not very techie however a bit impressed that I did get it copied! Drop into the last post to see the tutorial if you too have some 2 1/2" strips to get creative with!

My girlfriend Liz gave me these ceramic buttons & they too scream 'spring'!

I used some of my stash pieces of painters canvas to line the bottom, insides should be light & bright or things get lost when your looking for them. Why do most purses have dark linings?

The lid was made from scraps of the 2 1/2" strips cut into 2 1/2" squares, only 6 pieces were leftover!

I made mine larger than shown, it finished 12 1/2'' across. It also uses up scrap batting pieces from quilt sides. The batting is cut at 2 1/4" wide.

The basket/bowl reminded me of the clothesline baskets that you wrap fabric around... yes, I have one of those on the go too! This is much faster & easier for me & my machine.
Do you not this does look like spring? Do have a look at the video, this is a cheap & cheerful project!

Winter Warriors

Bridget & Baxter love when Bill is home, he takes them up the lane & plays stick with them. I'm waiting for the ice to go away & then we'll resume our outside time together again.

They love being with Bill playing 'stick', Bridget is the true stick dog. She will run as hard as she can to get it. I play ball throwing in the house with them... it's just not the same as the run outdoors.

The afternoon sun comes into the great room & I place a blanket down for them for their afternoon sleep.
And just leave them to the saying, "Let sleeping dogs lie." So sweet when they're asleep!

Nearly Done the BOM 2017

This is another block done. I modified it from the USA version of Liberty to the Canadian version of our anthem, Far & wide.

And another block finished, this modification was the USA flag was behind the flower, I had a lovely Canada patch that I used instead.

Two more blocks & I can sew the quilt together & remove it from my design wall, nearly half a year later!!
The next fabric wool quilt is the free Garden Mystery BOW, that I'm already three weeks behind!
I wanted to start it, however, this one must be finished first!

Thank you for dropping in & do have a look at the bowl/basket, it's fun making something from our scraps & it is functional too!

Have a great weekend, Bill & Nicholas fly in tonight! A great weekend for me & the Boston terriers!

Health & Happiness to you, wherever you are!



  1. Can't have enough baskets and bins to keep all our goodies in! Luv you Springish basket and your BOM. I'm still plugging away at my Lucy Boston (going on 3 years now!). To my dismay discovered I will be 8 1" squares short my black/butterscotch fabric - Grrrrr

  2. What a great looking basket and so springy. Lovely fabric and you BOM quilt is really coming along nicely.

    I don't blame you to not run the dogs outside. It's been so icy lately , on and off.

    The weather has been warmer and the snow is melting but I fell on the ice and hurt my rib cage and I've been keeping a low profile. I've been doing my work in pain but not much else. I was walking ever so carefully with my ice grippers but the tip of my gripper must have hit a small icy bump and my heavy pail of hot water and three bottle of milk for the calf went flying and I fell face down flat on my belly. My glasses got full of snow but somehow I didn't hurt my face at all. Thank goodness I didn't break my glasses. They cost me over $500.

    I've missed several blog post this week and I'm playing catching up.

    The dogs seems to be having a good life.
    Hugs, Julia